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Planning a trip to Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh’s not quite as flashy as it’s big sister, Philadelphia, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and brains. The ‘Burgh is a bustling city full of arts, architecture and adventure. Whatever you could want, Pittsburgh’s probably already thought of it. Free Wi-Fi downtown? Done. Free travel on the trains between city center stations? Check. More than a dozen art, history, and science museums? Right in the city center. Cheeseburgers with french fries in them? You betcha.

Sitting at the crossing of three rivers and filled with hills and trails, Pittsburgh is a great place to be if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure. Try a day hike around Mount Washington or bike the 150-mile GAP trail all the way to Washington D.C.! (Well, it’s one way to save money on travel costs!) A quick drive outside of the city will bring you to all the best river tubing spots. Try Clarion River for a gentle ride or head to Coal Tubin’ in Johnstown for a white-water adventure. Or head to the Meadow Run Natural Waterslides to cruise down the river slip-n-slide style. Honestly, if you’re not already buying your tickets to Pittsburgh, what are you waiting for? Our cheap flights to Pittsburgh are here to help.

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