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Philadelphia is any history buff’s paradise! It’s the birthplace of America (don’t tell Bostonians that) so this city is bursting with colonial and revolutionary history. If you want to see where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, eat and drink at the Founding Fathers’ favorite happy hour spot or see the famous Liberty Bell then Philly should be next on your list. The city is still home to many buildings with colonial architectural designs and cobblestone streets and sidewalks. Sometimes a trip to Philadelphia can feel like taking a trip back in time. And with our cheap flights to Philadelphia you don’t really have a reason not to visit.

If history isn’t your thing, Philadelphia definitely has more to it than its Historic District. Philadelphia is just about the only place on earth that treats a cheesesteak sub as a delicacy—but once you try a Philly cheesesteak in the heart of the city, you’ll understand why! You’ll never have a tastier sub no matter where you travel! We promise, that is a much bigger deal than how it sounds. Also, the city has a gigantic statue of Rocky Balboa—and it doesn’t feel weird. Well, maybe a little weird.

With our cheap student fares, you can plan a weekend trip or book your flights to school for the semester and experience what this city has to offer, Rocky statue and all.

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