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Visiting The Land Down Under should absolutely be on everybody’s bucket list. The laid back Aussie lifestyle makes this country a welcoming one for tourists and anyone who may want to study abroad. It’s not hard making friends here–you might just manage to snag an invite to an Australian barbie! And to top it off, our cheap student flight deals make it easier on the wallet too.

If you’re traveling to Australia, you have to want at least one beach day, right?! With over 20,000 miles of coastline, Australia has plenty of beach options (it’s an island continent, after all!). There are crowded beaches, remote beaches, golden sand beaches, white sand beaches–even beaches with pools! However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Aussie beaches are the only natural wonders to see. There are national parks and nature reserves, mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes, rainforests and plenty of wildlife to explore that can only be found in Australia! Famous cities like Sydney and Melbourne are certainly worth a visit too! All of this and more are just one cheap flight away.

Places to visit in Australia

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