Flights to Taiwan

Visit Taiwan

Taiwan is a naturally and culturally rich island at the heart of Asia. The picturesque island is known for its lush green mountains, abundant culture, and beautiful beaches. Be sure to add Taiwan to your bucket list.

Why you should visit Taiwan

Taiwan is home to one of East Asia’s tallest peaks, Yushan (Mt. Jade), which provides a perfect retreat for hikers and photographers. Yushan’s breathtaking Sea of Clouds fill in the valleys of the forested mountains, and provide some of the most beautiful scenic views around. In addition, there are so many fantastic natural landscape showing the diversity from sea level to the high mountains. You can have lots of fun with hiking, rafting, surfing and so on.

If you enjoy cycling, then make sure to rent a bike in Taiwan because it’s a cyclist’s paradise. There’s a lot of variation in Taiwan’s terrain, and with bikeways that travel all around the island, you can bike through majestic views of diverse landscapes. Taiwan also has 10 main offshore islands, each with its own unique geography and culture.

For some rest and relaxation, Taiwan’s rejuvenating hot springs are ideal. Taiwan is renowned for these with over 100 (almost one in every city). The Zhaori Hot Springs is one of the world’s only accessible seawater hot springs, and is a great spot for vacationers in need of therapeutic downtime.

Dining in Taiwan is an awe-inspiring experience of its own, with the melting pot of different cuisines, bustling night-markets, and yummy exotic fruits. The night-markets offer a wide-variety of authentic Taiwanese snacks and street food, and the high-energy environment is a fun cultural experience. There are four most famous night market: Shilin night market (largest), Shida night market, Ningxia night market and Tonghua night market. Some recommended dishes are: sticky rice sausage (大腸包小腸), oyster omelets (蚵仔煎), coffin board (棺材板),and Dan-Tzu Noodles(擔仔面). To top it all off, the amazingly good food is very inexpensive!

Taipei, Taiwan’s largest city and capital, has bustling streets lined with all sorts of cool shops and must-see attractions, like the incredibly tall Taipei 101 building. Taipei nightlife is also very exciting and there are many nightclubs, bars, and karaoke spots to ensure you’ll never have a dull moment.