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Flights to Beijing might feel like something you can’t afford, but we have some incredible, world-changing news for you. StudentUniverse can get you to this incredible city so you can visit family and friends or if you’re new to the area, to explore. We have great flight deals all year round but we’ll cut even deeper student discounts around times we know you need to travel to Beijing, like winter break and summer vacation. We will run sales around some top holidays as well, like 11.11 (Singles Day) and Moon Festival.

If you’re new to the area, below you will find a mini Beijing Travel Guide that can get you around the city, from the airports to the sights you’ll want to check out. For a more in-depth look at China, check out StudentUniverse’s China Travel Guide . That’ll help you out, especially if Beijing is just one stop on a China-wide adventure.

Tips for visiting Beijing

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