Kicking it with your bros is a highlight of every guys’ social life. Whether you throw back a few at a bar once a week, or hit up the clubs sans your girlfriends, most guys look forward to a guys’ night. Why leave it at just a guys’ night though? Instead, take a guys’ trip that you and your friends will remember forever. Here’s some top destinations for the perfect guys’ trip.

Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

What guy hasn’t had a fantasy of him and his bros taking a ski or snowboarding trip to a ski resort to shred the slopes during the day. And when the lifts close, the night is nowhere close to done. The bustling village at the foot of the slopes allows visitors to jump from one club to another as their is plenty of live music, DJ’s, and restaurants to keep you and your bros entertained all night. Whistler Blackcomb has everything you and your bros could possibly want from fresh powder, countless restaurants, blasting clubs, and at the end of the day return to your fire lite cabin. Whistler Blackcomb has countless options for you to do, can you gather the energy to tackle them all?

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona combines everything a guy could ever want into one city. To begin with, the beaches along the Barcelona coastline not only provides great weather and place to relax, but the women that stroll up and down these beaches might provide the greatest entertainment. After a day in the sun sipping on mojitos, head over to the plentiful restaurants and good times Barcelona has to offer such as the ones offered in Placa Reial. Then once you and your guys have regained the energy, the Barcelona energy surging throughout the nightlife has already picked up. For starters there’s Sala Apolo, with a differently themed party every day of the week, Sala Apolo provides an ideal party experience. Now let’s not forget about sports, regardless if you like soccer (futbol) or not, you and your guys gotta check out a FC Barcelona game to really appreciate the sport and how intense and crazy the crowd gets for their team. Not that you will have to, but if you want a change of scenery, Barcelona is located so close to many other attractions that your options are infinite. Barcelona is impossible to capture in one vacation, but you and your bros will certainly do all you can.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Okay men, Brazil to begin with is the country that gave us Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen. You have been to nice beaches with beautiful women before, but take a trip to Copacabana and I’m sure this beach filled with stunning women will top it. Rio de Janeiro provides a more of a relaxing getaway trip for the guys to go on. Rio’s main attraction is the beaches and hotels that come along with it, but Rio is also home to some of the most unique styles of music that can be heard throughout their plazas and clubs. Rio provides the ultimate escape from the women in your lives with some of the most beautiful scenery and women you will ever see.

Las Vegas, Nevada

All guys have said it: “We can’t wait to go to Vegas.” The ultimate trip away from the real world,  Vegas provides everything a man can dream of ranging from gambling, sports, strip clubs, hotels, and the iconic Strip. The memories that are created in Vegas are uncountable, whether it’s from hitting it big betting everything you got on red, hopping from one club to the next, or living like a king in a cheaply priced luxurious hotel, Vegas is for lack of better words – Vegas! Sure there’s other things to do besides gamble and go to the strip clubs, such as go to the Grand Canyon, but we all know that’s not why you and your buddies are going there. Perhaps the greatest possible escape can be summed up by Vegas’ most known line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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