Whether you’re laying on a beach in Cancun, skiing in Colorado, or simply relaxing at home, Spring break is highly anticipated by all. But what to pack? Even if you are simply having a “staycation” and going home, you still have to pack things from school to transport home. For many of the spring break possibilities, here is a list of what to pack for your Spring break.

If you’re traveling…To the beach!

Lucky you! For this destination sure to make your friends envious, you will obviously need specific items.  Shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, and flip-flops are a must.  Most everywhere, although it may be hot in the day, the temperature will dip significantly at night, so make sure to pack at least one pair of jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt, depending on the length of your stay. If you are going to a beach out of the US, be sure to pack your passport as well as a copy of it!


If you’re traveling…. To Go Skiing!

Other than the obvious ski-related gear you will need, there will be downtime from the slopes, and you must be prepared! Be sure to pack jeans, as they are the most versatile, and casual item of clothing every college student owns. Sweaters are always a good idea, as they not only keep you warm but, will also help dress up a plain pair of jeans.  Another must is scarves! They do double-duty as warming you, while making you look effortlessly stylish and cool. A great bonus is that scarves can be worn in so many different ways, so even if you can only fit one or two scarves in your overstuffed luggage, the possibilities in styling those two scarves will make it seem as though you packed ten!


If you’re traveling…Home!

Maybe you think spring break is overrated, or you might just be looking forward to seeing your family for a week! Whatever the case is, you are heading home for the holiday, so what do you pack? Well, chances are, someone from your high school days has the same break as you, and inevitably you will be going to the same parties you had been trying to get out of by going to college in the first place. Jeans are always an excellent option, and be sure to pack some of your cute going-out tops as well. For days lounging around the house catching up on sleep, pack some yoga pants and sweatshirts. It’s only your family, so definitely choose comfort over style. Pack at least one dressy outfit that is appropriate for the inevitable lunch with either your mom or grandma.

Also, a good tip if you’re going home, pack your heavy winter items, and leave them home! It will clear up clutter in your room, and chances are, by April you will not be missing them!


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