Asia can be an intimidating place. It’s hard to know where to start, what to do, and where to do it. Below we give our recommendations for different types of activities in Asia and the best places to experience them.

1) Beach: Koh Samui, Thailand – If you’re a traveler who loves to lay on the beach and soak up the sun, this island lying off Thailand’s east coast is the place for you. It has everything you could want in a tropical vacation: palm trees, delicious seafood, warm, clear blue waters, and of course, beautiful beaches.

2) Educational: Suzhou, China – Many travel to learn, and if this is you, consider a visit to one of China’s leading historical cities. Also known as the “Venice of the East”, ride through the city in its many canals and make your way to one of its traditional Chinese gardens. When you’re there, learn about the city’s history with a cultural experience consisting of ancient costumes, folk singing and dancing, and traditional instruments.

3) Hiking: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia – Adventure travel is on the top of the list for many, and Asia doesn’t disappoint. Take a visit one of Malaysia’s most famous sites, known for its tea plantations and strawberry farms. There are many marked trails for you to hike while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountainous terrain.

4) Cultural: Cianjur, Indonesia – Travel is all about experiencing new cultures so make sure to take a visit to the capital of the Cianjur Regency and the capital of rice production in Java, Cianjur. Take a stop at the 100 year old Gunung Mas or ‘Golden Mountain’ Tea Plantation and learn about tea production from the friendly locals. Skip the hotel and try a homestay to be further emerged in local culture.

5) Dive/snorkel: Pemutaran, Indonesia – Looking to hit the water? Located on the Northwest coast of Bali between gorgeous coral reefs and exhilarating tropical rainforest, you will find plenty to do. Snorkel and dive directly off the coast and check out the Bio Rock Structures, wire frames through which low voltage electric current is run to encourage fast coral regeneration. You can also take a quick boat ride to visit Menjangan Island, and see an abundance of marine life around the protected coral reefs.

No matter you’re looking to do, you can find it in Asia. From adventure and sightseeing to soaking up the sun, the variety of experiences you will find in Asia will not disappoint.

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