There are a few places in the world you must visit at least once, in your life and Venice, Italy is one of these places. A magical city, completely surrounded by water, filled with the history of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, sparkling canals, and confusing but authentic tiny calle’s (Venetian roads)…. It’s a must see. Taking the train ride into Venice from other parts of Europe will be unforgettable as you become surrounded by the many different lagoon islands and glistening magical Venetian water.


On your visit of course you’ll go to see Saint Mark’s square… everyone does! And for reason, it’s a beautiful, historical, and amazing area of Venice. However, there is so much more to see and appreciate so here are some ideas to get off the beaten path and experience all the simply gorgeous and unique city has to offer!

View from the Church of San Maggiore’s Belltower – The more frequently visited overhead view of the city is from the belltower in Saint Mark’s square..however, I’d argue the view from San Maggiore’s is even better, and it’s also cheaper at 8 euros! You’ll be able to see a great view of Saint Mark’s square, the island of Lido which is pretty far away, and if you’re lucky the mountains as well. Definitely worth taking a vaporetto (water bus) across the canal from Saint Mark’s to see!

Campo San Margherita– NIGHTLIFE. This is it. If you are looking for the place to hang out and have a little fun at night, this is literally one of the only places to go and is definitely the most popular. Everything else in the city will basically shut down at night, leaving silence and darkness throughout Venice, but Campo San Margherita only increases in liveliness and activity as the night awakens. Hop around some of the bars, talk to local Venetian students (the square is right next toCa’Foscari University which is the university in Venice), and enjoy the ambiance of the night.

The Jewish Ghetto – I bet you’d never guess that the word “ghetto” originated in the mysterious, magical, and historical city of Venice… but it did! Back in the 1500s the Venetian Empire created a neighborhood to isolate the Jews from the rest of the city. They’d lock them in at night, have cops circle the island on boats to make sure no one escaped, and force them to wear certain clothes during the day so the population could distinguish that they were the Jews. Nevertheless, the empire also gave them a place to stay at a time when virtually all of Europe was trying to rid them. It’s a pretty complex history, butdefinitely check it out if you want to see some fascinating history and the first “ghetto” of the world! Also, there are some really good kosher restaurants around the area which are delicious and unique!

In Venice, get lost and wander. You won’t regret it. And if you’re looking to go experience one of the most lively and entertaining spectacles, Venice has to offer in the spring, then you don’t want to pass this up: Venice Carnival. StudentUniverse can help get you there with cheap flights for students!

Visit Italy!

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