Seeing the popular wonders of the world is definitely memorable, but travelers who chose to wander off the beaten path are often met with wonderful surprises. We compiled a list of places that satisfy wanderlust and we believe are underrated.

  • Fortaleza, Brazil: Most people think of Rio de Janeiro when they want to travel to Brazil, but Fortaleza is the fifth largest cities in Brazil and is known as quite a party town. This vibrant city has great beach options, including smaller beach areas. Praia de Iracema is jam packed with bars, clubs, and restaurants. Miereles is a cool beachfront town and sail boat port. This area is busy day and night and is packed with shopping and cafes.

Flights to Fortaleza starting at $521* one way.

Fortaleza Beira Mar

  • Montevideo, Uruguay: Just a short distance away from the popular city of Buenos Aires, is the eclectic city of Montevideo, which is also the capital of Uruguay. Montevideo has a bit of it all: fun beaches, restaurants, bars, and colonial plazas. There’s beautiful and bright architecture everywhere you look. You can visit the modern skyscraper, Torre Antel and see the best view of all the city has to offer. A popular spot for tourists and natives is La Rambla, a waterfront avenue.

Flights to Montevideo starting at $398* one way.






  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: A true hidden gem of Eastern Europe, Dubrovnik is a romantic and historic city. It emcompasses all the sophistication of Meditterrean lifestyle and you’ll find history at every corner. There’s a plethora of beach spots around the city, and everything is framed by ancient walls and green mountains. There’s also a fun and easy going nightlife that’s rages on to the morning.

Flights to Dubrovnik starting at $398* one way.


  • Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is another romantic Old city in Europe. You can enjoy many bridges, beautiful castles, and Medieval architecture throughout the city. Prague is known to have some of the best beer in Europe so beer enthusiasts will be satisfied. There are many chic pubs to try when you’re ready to wind down from exploring this gorgeous city.

Flights to Prague starting at $420* one way



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