This weeks top headlines are all about hospitality meets travel. Make your flight more comfortable, your hotel stay more productive and find out where your bags fly free!

Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Don’t worry about making a music playlist for your next flight.

Southwest and Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), the airline’s entertainment partner, now offer Apple’s Beats Music to its passengers for free on the airline’s 500 Wi-Fi enabled aircrafts. The service provides passengers access to more than 150 playlists of Beats’ curated music through their personal electronic devices (iOS, Android and most web browsers) and also offers passengers personalized playlists based on their response to questions about location, activity, surroundings, and musical preferences.

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Wearables at the Westin; Sound Slumber Shouldn’t Suffer on Vacation

The Westin hotels have taken their commitment to their customer’s well-being and achieving a good night sleep to the next level.

The company partnered with Lark Technologies, a leader in the technology and wellness space, this week to create a new Sleep Sensor Wearable-Lending program. Guests at select hotels around the world can try the Lark Up Sleep Monitor, Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach (providing advanced data visualizations of their sleep patterns and expert explanations of the problem areas to achieving a sound night’s sleep) during their stay to achieve optimal sleep through sleep pattern tracking and virtual coaching.

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A Closer Look at Bag Fees; Where They Fly Free

Remember the days when checked bags were free and hot meals were served on international flights? Well, times have certainly changed. Many airlines now charge for a number of services, including carry on baggage, choosing your seat and even a soda. Bag fees are now a huge driver of airline revenues. In 2013 alone, U.S. airlines earned an estimated $3.35 billion in checked baggage fees.

The Huffington Post ran a helpful guide this week pointing to airlines where passengers luggage flies free. While some of these airlines require status to get a free checked bag, your first checked bag is free on JetBlue and your first two bags are free on Southwest. Definitely something to think about when booking flights. If the flight is $30 more but you don’t have a bag check fee, it’s certainly something to consider in terms of the overall cost to fly.

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Are you one of the 24.6 million passengers (a figure issued by Airlines for America (A4A) this week) that will travel globally on U.S. airlines during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period? If so, you have left than three weeks to go! Grab a discounted fare to get home on our site today, if you haven’t already.


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