This week we are excited to kick off a new blog series. On Fridays, we will provide a recap of the top headlines in travel from that week. If you have a news tip that you think we should include, please feel free to send it to


  • Pre-Order Your “Connected Carry On”

Afraid you might forget your carry on when you get off of the plane? Tired of paying fees for overweight bags, or having your electronics die when when land and need them most?  Well, Bluesmart now has “an app for that” (for all of this and more). Their new smart, carry on bag (which you can pre-order now for $265 here) is the world’s first “connected carry on.” The company looked to raise $50k through an Indiegogo campaign, and they have already raised more than $325k (making it one of the most successful travel technology crowdfunding projects to date) guess people are excited about technology catching up with suitcases.

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  • Apple Pay Launches

 While it’s not radically different than Amazon’s 1-click payment, PayPal or even Apple’s iTunes purchase methods, Apply Pay launches and makes waves given its ability to share your card information with every application you want to make purchases through. What does this mean for the future of travel? Atmosphere research studied 5,000 smartphone-owningtravelers.  One in five leisure travelers and one in three business travelers have mobile wallets on their phones now. This could enable faster hotel check-outs, payment for in-flight upgrades or lounge passes and ground transportation or activities.


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  • Top travel pick for 2015: Washington, DC

The results are in. Lonely Planet announced its top travel pics for 2015 and Washington, DC tops the list. While a variety of factors (including trends and experiences) dictate what cities make the list and what spot they land on, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination and there will be several events to commemorate this next year in DC. Couple this anniversary with the wild success of the show House of Cards (prompting travelers to want to see the sites featured in the show firsthand) and travelers who plan to visit DC next year will want to book early!

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Lastly, In case you need a laugh on the Friday, check out this video of a SouthWest airlines flight attendant that had the entire cabin of passengers in hysterics as she gave anything but typical announcements prior to take off:

Here’s to heading into the weekend informed—have a great weekend everyone!

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