It’s summer! What is more perfect than the windows rolled down, hair everywhere, and music trailing behind you? Or maybe you’re on a plane headed home or to backpack around Europe. Music plays a huge part in our lives, and the perfect song, or set of songs, can make your whole day better. I’ve always found that upbeat and energetic music seems to accompany my travels, but it is up to you to determine the songs and style of your travel playlist.

    • Something About Summer: Choose a song that describes summer! It will get you in the mood and put a smile on your face. Something that talks about sun, sand, water, and good times can make you long for the beach and bonfires under the stars. Country music is known for having catchy, summer inspired tunes, but there are plenty of other options. Personal Favorite: Summertime by Kenny Chesney
    • Something Old School: Not much is better than hearing a song you grew up with that you know all the words to. Belting out classics is like coming home and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes these songs may make us cringe now, but they bring back great memories and help bring out our inner child. Personal Favorite: The Fresh Prince of Bell Air by Will Smith
    • Something Really Old School: Music today is considered “old” after about a year, or a month or so after it stops playing regularly on the radio. But let’s go back and find some classic stuff such as the Beatles, U2, ACDC, The Beastie Boys, etc. Talk to your parents and see if they have any of their old records left, then find the same songs on iTunes. Even though the thought of parents ever being young and wild is shuttering to most teenagers and young adults, you might be surprised to find some music of theirs that you really like.Actually, If you have at least one song from every era of modern music, or at least from each decade, you are set. This works for everyone as you can tailor it to your tastes. Rap, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country; all of the genres have undergone major revolutions throughout the last 50 years. Personal Favorite: I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett
    • A Theme Song: Find your favorite TV show(s) and movies and download the theme song. And what can James Bond not cure? Nothing picks you up and makes even an everyday drive seem awesome when spy music comes on. Movie soundtracks in general can have really good collections of music of them. They are great because, while the usually tell a story, they can be extremely varied styles of music. Personal Favorite: Footloose (1981), Kenny Loggins
    • Something totally new: Are you getting a little bit bored with your music playlist and you really don’t have the money to start buying large amounts of random music? Talk to your friends and swap tunes. Trade playlists and make recommendations, or get together and make a new one. Do you remember making mix CDs? Try to make them again and put that dusty CD player in your car to use again. Travel CD players are no longer used very much, but USB drives can be used to digitally swap music. Or, copy down the list and buy just those songs off of iTunes. Personal New Discovery: Falling Into Fire
    • Keep up on the Charts: Pick a few, maybe 20% of your playlist, and dedicate a few spots to your current top favorite songs on the radio. That way, when you finally take a break from your awesome playlist, especially if it is fairly substantial, You won’t be complexly out of the loops from the current music scene. Current Personal Favorite: Dance With Me, Olly Murs
    • Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice: Because nothing is more awesome than being able to rap the entire song
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