The Dubai-based Emirates airline has recently announced new routes to and from the cities of Dallas and Houston in Texas, which are launching over the next few months. That’s great news, because the airline’s A380 plane is seriously awesome. Here are the top 7 reasons why you need to fly on the Emirates A380:

1. It’ll bring you to (and from) Dubai, one of the coolest travel destinations in the world

Residential towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates marina at night.

Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a global business center and cultural metropolis characterized by extravagance, beauty, and cultural traditions. Relax on the warm beaches, ascend the world’s highest skyscraper, tour the souqs and markets, and more.

Check out our Dubai travel guide and blog post for more information on what to do in the city.

2. The Economy Class experience is like that of First Class

Emirates A380 plane economy class, flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Yep, these comfortable first class-esque seats with extra leg room and first class-esque meals aren’t just available to first class flyers – you’ll get all of that luxury just in economy class. Watch a movie (or five) on your personal seatback monitor, email or call (!) your friends and family from your seat, and relax in the cabin’s specially designed jetleg-reducing lighting (!!!). The economy class experience is surely one of the most comfortable of its kind.

3. If Economy Class is like First Class, then First Class is like your own person luxury five-star hotel suite

Emirates A380 lounge, flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The First Class flying experience is too cool. Taste some hors d’oeuvres and drink some cocktails in the First Class and Business Class lounges and meet some of your fellow travelers, lie down on your seat-turned-full-fledged-bed, and get pampered in the shower spas. Yes, the airplanes actually have showers on board.

4. You’ll never be bored, since you have access to over 1,800 on-demand entertainment channels

Emirates airline A380 entertainment system, flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Talk about being spoiled — the Emirates A380 offers 1,800 inflight entertainment channels. What that means is that you’re nearly guaranteed to find a top-notch movie or TV show to watch, music album to listen to, and game to play during your flight. Time to binge-watch your favorite TV program!

5. Eat legitimately good food prepared by renowned chefs

Dining on Emirates A380 plane, flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We all know the negative stigma associated with airplane food, but the food on the Emirates A380 is cooked by world-class chefs. It’s not that surprising that the food is appetizing, considering that Dubai is known for its extravagant dining experiences and that the A380 seems to have it all. Get a taste of regional dishes, such as the lamb brochette in Arabic spices main course, before you touch down in UAE, or make the meal the concluding high point of your food tour around Dubai. Oh, and help yourself to complimentary spirits, wines, and beers too.

Check out the dining menu on your flight.

6. Emirates is making its airplanes more energy-efficient

Dubai, United Arab Emirates water

The Emirates A380 plane is more environmentally-friendly than most other passenger aircrafts out there, “burning 20% less fuel per seat than its nearest competitor,” according to its website. That equates to a lower amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air, which helps reduce pollution.

7. We’re offering a discount on A380 flights!

Emirates airline A380

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t just hype these aircrafts without helping making these flights more affordable for you. We know you’d love to experience the luxury of the Emirates A380, so we’re giving you a discount on flights to and from Dallas and Houston.

Get your discount on Emirates A380 flights here, and read more about the A380 on the company’s website.

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