The struggle to hit triple digit likes on your photo is real. By posting pics from these Instagram-worthy destinations all over the world you won’t have to worry! These adventures are guaranteed to make all of your followers jealous.

We’re all guilty of it, the little passing thoughts that inevitably happen right before we upload a photo on Instagram, Is this Instagram worthy? What if no one likes it? Wow, that’d be embarrassing.

It’s doubtful that you’ll post a photo on Instagram and no one would like it (I mean you’ve always got one like: thanks Mama!). But if you’re studying abroad and you haven’t posted the most stereotypical tourist picture of the country you’re visiting yet, then you need to step up your Instagram game. In a recent poll, almost 10% (9.26%) of StudentUniverse travelers said that their primary concern when choosing a destination was the ability to take epic travel photos there that they could show-off on social media.

Lucky for you, we’ve been almost everywhere here at Student Universe, and have been talking (and stalking) fellow travelers to gather the most Instagram-worthy destinations across 20 different countries.

Italy is bursting with romance, history, beaches, and beauty. But the firestone pizza, homemade pasta, sweet gelato, and refreshing limoncello will never disappoint (There’s a reason it’s the “EAT” portion of “Eat, Pray, Love”). If you’re in Italy and you didn’t post a foodie pic…did you even go to Italy?



Tulips, coffee shops, bicycles, and Van Gough…but real winner shot is in the center of Amsterdam at the IAMSTERDAM sculpture. Nothing screams “I’m in the Netherlands!” quite like sitting on top of the ‘M’ or leaning on the ‘I’ of the IAMSTERDAM.



Get a “selfie” with a Kangaroo. Smile mate!



If you’re in France it’s likely you’ll be visiting Paris, so a chic Eiffel Tower shot is an absolute must. J’adore! Bonus points for the guys if you’re drinking wine or holding a baguette in the photo



Any mountain picture is going to be fantastic (here’s hoping you’re visiting Nepal to go backpacking or climbing, because you better be). However, the main Instagram photo you should take is of the Tibetan Prayer flags moving ominously in the wind.



I’m partial to Guatemala, because it was one of my favorite adventures, and with such a variety of landscapes, volcanoes, wildlife, markets, and coffee plantations it was hard to choose. But you can’t beat the colorful and eventful rides on a “Chickenbus” in Guatemala. The vibrantly transformed school buses are the cheapest and most popular form of transportation for locals.



The Lennon Wall in Prague is a magical piece of artwork that promotes peace and harmony. The wall has been filled with John Lennon quotes and inspiring verses since the 1980s, and when you visit the wall you can add your own artwork to the masses.



The majority of your time while in Fiji should be centered around the water. Ocean sports of any kind provide the perfect active outdoor lifestyle photo. I’d highly recommend buying a GoPro or water resistant camera before traveling to Fiji.



We’re getting a little stereotypical tourist over here, but you need to make seeing the Great Wall of China a priority. And while you’re there get a picture on the Great Wall (just make sure you do something great like a handstand or jumping pic…save the hand on your hip look for another day ladies).



Can we just take a moment to appreciate the colors, scents, and textures that are prominent throughout Morocco’s various village markets? Snap a photo while walking through the markets and revel in the magical colors and carpets.



If you’re a Foodie than chances are you’ll be Instagraming that plate of fish n’chips. But let’s talk about the red telephone booths in London. Their true purpose is to be in your photo to let the whole Instagram world know that you, ‘ol chap, are in England.



Elephants share multiple human characteristics, but one of the most beautiful characteristics that elephants have is their large capacity for love and empathy. That must be why people feel so calm and grounded while near them. Riding an elephant in Sri Lanka is an experience that you’ll never forget.



Beach life. Sand and ocean pictures are a must. And ladies, flowers become the best accessory for your salty textured hair.



Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps…need I say more?



I’d be betraying my German heritage (as a matter of fact I’d actually be betraying my family’s last name: Bierhaus…seriously beer is in our name) if I didn’t make drinking a stein the most Instagram-worthy photo. If you’re lucky enough to visit during Oktoberfest then you better show off that Lederhosen.



Soccer (futbol) is the main event in Europe, but if you’re lucky enough to get tickets to watch a match in Spain…take a photo! The running of the bulls festival was a close second in terms of Instagram-worthy.



Oh Greece, you beautiful sea of blue and white houses, smiling faces, and endless traditional dance parties. There’s no need for filters when it comes to taking photos of the scenery.



Camel rides are a must if you’re traveling in Israel. The sun, the desert, the camel…would you want it any other way?



19. PERU
Machu Picchu was built by the Incas in the 15th century. If you’re looking for a view that will make you feel highly insignificant and full of life and hope all at the same time, then hike or take a ride to the top of Machu Picchu.



21. USA

Deck yourself out in red, white, and blue. Stand by a waving flag. Paint yourself with stars and stripes. However you choose to show your Patriotism and tell the world that you are in America is up to you, but one thing is for sure you have got to have a photo in red, white, and blue!



But the most important thing to remember on your travels is to post the photos that make you smile. You’ll be looking back at those travel pictures for years to come, and most likely a few nonchalant “ThrowbackThursdays” will be posted. Which are your favorite Instagram-worthy destinations? Let us know where you’re headed to next!

Our cheap flights can help you get to all of these Instagram-worthy destinations. And remember to let us know where you’re going and what type of adventure you’re up to by tagging us in your Instagram photos. You might get featured on our page! @StudentUniverse #studentuniverse

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