Is money no object for you? Are you looking for a place to stay that’s off the beaten path? Here is a list of ten of the world’s most interesting and luxurious hotels. Found in some of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world, any one of them is a great launching point for an unforgettable travel experience. If any of these tempt your fancy, then head on over to StudentUniverse’s main site and book your trip now!


  • Want to go on safari? The Kirawira Serena Camp in Serengeti National Park is a luxury safari camp in Tanzania. Its primary draw is the sheer amount of different wildlife you’re likely to see here; not only will you get up close and personal with the Big Five, but you may also come face to face with wildebeest. Accommodations are in “luxury tents” outfitted in colonial interiors, each with fantastic views of the Tanzanian wilds.

  • A different camping experience can be found at Chindeni Bushcamp in Zambia. Considerably quieter than staying at a safari camp, this is the place for tourists to come to peace with nature. Overlooking a beautiful lagoon populated with animals such as hippos, the wildlife will come to you instead of the other way around. Nonetheless, for all its rustic comforts, the bushcamp also offers five-star dining and other amenities.


  • Isolated from the rest of the world for decades, Bhutan is only now starting to come into recognition as an unusual and exotic tourist destination. Located in the Paro Valley, Uma by COMO is a boutique hotel consisting of a hotel and nine private villas overlooking the dramatic mountainous scenery of the region. The Bhutanese influence is very obvious in the design of the hotel, blending the traditional with the modern, as well as in the restaurants that serve authentic cuisine made from local ingredients.

  • Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in Asia and the world. As a result, any place of respite in this city should be treasured. The Sukhothai is an oasis of calm in bustling Bangkok, and here they aim to redefine the meaning of the word “pampering”. Any need you may have is anticipated and fulfilled with indecent efficiency. It also features some of the best restaurants in the city, so there’s even more incentive to never leave the hotel.

  • Those looking for fun in the sun in Asia don’t usually think of Vietnam, but the Bai Tram Hideaway is doing a good job of establishing Vietnam as the continent’s new beach destination. Overlooking azure waters and crystal sand beaches, the hotel is popular year-round with a local climate that rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius. It’s also a great place to sample freshly caught seafood prepared using authentic Vietnamese methods.


  • The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is one of the most avant-garde hotels in the Netherlands. Its interiors really have to be seen to be believed. Every guest room was designed by a different Dutch artist; no two rooms feel the same, and just wandering around the place is interesting enough for anyone to whittle away a few hours. However, when wanderlust strikes, the hotel is conveniently located in one of Amsterdam’s most culturally vibrant communities, with hip bars and lounges lining the riverfront.

  • My pick for the coolest hotel on this list, the Treehotel in Sweden takes that treehouse you had as a kid and racks it up to eleven. There are several different types of accommodation to choose from; you can live in a glass cube, a “bird’s nest”, or a spherical object resembling a UFO. Needless to say the views are extraordinary, and you’d be hard pressed to find another hotel elsewhere that takes you closer to nature.

Latin America

  • Belize is renowned for its fantastic beaches and scuba diving, but it’s also home to beautiful rainforests full of biodiversity. A great place to experience this is at the Belcampo, where a lodge completely surrounded by jungle is your starting point for a great nature trip. It’s located on an enormous natural preserve, and offers a wide variety of activities for both the athletically minded and the sightseers among us.

  • There are many islands located a few hours off the coast of Chile, the most famous being Easter Island. The often overlooked Robinson Crusoe Island possesses much of the same beautiful but alien scenery found on Easter Island. The Crusoe Island Lodge is a luxury hotel perched on a dramatic cliff overlooking the expansive Pacific Ocean. As with many of the hotels on this list, it’s the perfect balance between cutting-edge modernity and rustic simplicity.

  • Finally, the Mukul Resort in Nicaragua rounds out this list. Located on the evocatively named Emerald Coast, it’s more than just another beach resort though. Nearby are rum plantations and isolated islands and dormant volcanoes, all waiting to be explored. Alternatively, there’s always time for a nice round of golf, or a serene bike ride through the jungle.


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