The most amazing trip of my life.

The trip consist of meeting people from all over world, sailing on the most beautiful water, cliff jumping off caves, tanning on the front of our yacht, and champagne showers.

We traveled to 6 islands all over the Adriatic sea.

Although I would love to tell you every amazing detail I want you to live it yourself. I promise you will not regret it, if you are anything like me.


Some highlights:


Submarine Caves: 70ft cliff jump… if you dare. There were 3 people from my crew that did it, including my best friend Kelly. I think I was more scared for her than she was.


The Blue Caves: The most beautiful thing you will ever see. This is a cave that does not have any light except for a light that shines under the water, which makes the whole cave royal blue.



The Green Caves: 40ft cliff jump site. Make sure you bring shoes to climb up the cave if you want to jump. Kelly and I did it and it was so much fun.



Carpe Diem Day Party: The best day party that yacht week throws. Everyone on your route heads over in water taxis to Hvar. It is the first club you see from the port. Our group got a table, which I would suggest because it gets very crowded. We danced on tables, couches, and stages until we were exhausted. A little glimpse of what happened at our party: champagne showers, fire, and mob pits.



Hula Hula Day Party: The second best day party parties that yacht week throws. This is a beach bar where you can swim the ocean, sip on pitcher drinks, and watch the sunset.



Fort George Party: This was my favorite night on yacht week. The venue is an old castle that has been transformed into a club. Our group decided to get a table here too, which I definitely suggest, because then you have a place to dance without getting trampled. The music was amazing and Kelly and I danced until the last water taxi, which was about when the sun was coming up.



All in all be prepared to…

  • have more champagne showers than actual showers
  • not sleep more than a total of 10 hours in the week
  • dance your butt off
  • leave your makeup and expensive clothes at home
  • laugh the hardest you ever had
  • see the most beautiful sites in the world
  • meet the most amazing people in the world

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