Whether you’re backpacking Europe, studying abroad, or flying to California to visit your cousin, you always have one thing with you on every trip – your lifeline, your phone.. That lifeline not only keeps you connected, but it is the most important tool when you are on the go. What you might not know is that there are tons of student travel apps out there to help you to do everything from find cheap flights specifically for students to determining what to pack to staying on budget as you travel. These apps will keep you organized, and informed, to help make your next trip epic . We searched high and low, used up all of our phone space, and found the top travel apps for students that will take your next adventure to a whole new level.

1) Flights by Studentuniverse

flights-app-roundtrip flights-app-travel-tips flights-app-itinerary

This may seem like an obvious one, but we cannot reiterate enough how great this flights app is. You can only capitalize on student discounts for flights when you are in school, and the airline prices shown offer incredibly deep discounts – especially on international travel.

Features we love:

  • “Flexible date search” options, visually indicating when cheaper options are available
  • Filtering options by time, price, airline or by student and youth deals
  • Trip details in-application, including for previously booked itineraries

2) Airbnb

airbnb-app-book-trip airbnb-app-search airbnb-app-connect-host

Finding a safe place to stay when traveling can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your travel, especially when planning a multi-city trip. Airbnb is perfect for the free-spirited and adventurous traveler who wants to live like a local. This travel app allows you to book last minute accommodations, or plan a long term sublet if you are staying put for a while- the options are endless.

Features we love:

  • Access your itinerary, message your host, and get directions to your listing instantly
  • Explore legendary properties, vacation homes, and apartments, and add them to your Wish List to share with your friends

3) Foodspotting

foodspotting-app-explore-dishes foodspotting-app-best-location foodspotting-app-recommendation

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of traveling is trying new cuisines you can’t get in your own backyard. Exploring a funky cafe, sampling a small bakery, or splurging on a fine dinner sounds easy – but not if you have no idea where you should go in a strange town. If you are looking for the best bites, this top travel app does just that. You can see maps of food you want to try near you complete with customer generated photos & reviews.

Features we love:

  • It’s social! See what friends and expert alike want you to taste
  • Bookmark dishes that you have tried and vote up dishes you love

4) Waze

waze-app-traffic waze-app-map waze-app-eta-friends

If you are going to drive a car at any point on your journey, this app is a must-have. Better than any other gps navigation app out there, it leverages the entire community of users to generate up-to-date traffic cues to get you from point A to point B in record time. Along the way you get updates on police traps, accident reports, road closures, and even road kill – now that’s thorough!

Features we love:

  • Send your ETA and real-time drive to update those you’re meeting
  • Real-time traffic information auto-adjusts your route based on current traffic conditions to outsmart traffic
  • Finds the cheapest gas station on your route.

5) City Maps 2 Go Offline Maps

citymaps2go-offline-app-search citymaps2go-offline-app-never-get-lost citymaps2go-offline-app-information

Long gone are the days of carrying around a paper city map or a clunky guide book to stuff in your fanny pack. This top travel app is a fully functioning interactive offline map app that stores places you need to visit. GPS location continues to work without data roaming, and you can check out guide content without ever opening a web browser.

Features we love:

  • Never get lost! You can see your location on the map at all times with walking direction and a built in compass
  • Street names and metro stations are prominently listed, with the ability to add stars to locations you don’t want to miss

6) Google Translate

google-translate-app-languages   google-translate-app-handsfree google-translate-app-draw-characters

This all-in-one translation tool is the most used in the world for a reason. No matter what or how you need to absorb or communicate in foreign languages, this app will help you do so. Use your camera to instantly translate text from signs and posters, speech translation, typed translation, even drawing shapes with your finger. With translations available in 90 languages, it is the essential free tool to use so that no matter what languages you speak you can fit in with your surroundings

Features we love:

  • Star and save translations for future reference
  • This app works on and offline (just expect offline to take longer when loading translations)

7) WhatsApp

whatsapp-app-realtime-messaging whatsapp-app-send-photos-videos whatsapp-app-call-free

You’ve probably already heard (or used) this messaging app that uses your internet connection to message and call your buddies, and if you haven’t then you should! For only $0.99/ year (and the first year is free) you can send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and voice messages without paying for extra data.

Features we love:

  • Group Chats! We couldn’t live without them, and luckily this app agrees
  • It helps you make international calling cards a thing of the past

8) PackPoint travel packing list

packpoint-app-activities packpoint-app-new-trip packpoint-app-weather

Whether you are a without-fail forgetful packer, or a type A obsessive list maker, we all need help when it comes to packing what we need for big trips.The reason we love PackPoint is because this app practically packs your bags for you! This gender specific app helps you organize what you need depending on t kind of trip you are taking, where you are going, and the activities you will be doing. You can choose from suggestions they provide as well as adding new items to your packing lists. Never forget your phone charger again!

Features we love:

  • This app looks up the weather forecast for your trip and will suggest items like umbrellas or sunscreen accordingly. Now that’s thoughtful!
  • If you use TripIt, you can automatically connect the apps to auto generate a tailored packing list

9) Travel Money

travel-money-app-total-spent travel-money-app-payments travel-money-app-currency-exchange

When travel budgets and tight while you are traveling in a group, sometimes tensions can get high. The creators of the Travel Money app understood this and created a tool that tracks your expenses and manages the spend of the whole group. It tells you how much each person owns or owes other people in the group, and supports exchange rate conversion on-the-go! So if you are looking to split one more bottle of Italian chianti with your buddies on vacation, you can now share the cost and the enjoyment equally.

Features we love:

  • Organize your expenses into categories: hotels, restaurants, shops, etc
  • Instant currency exchange rate conversion into your preferred coinage

10) Touch Note

touchnote-app-postcard touchnote-app-postcard-edit touchnote-app-postcard-send

Buying postcards at every stop on your trip is a nice keepsake for Grandma, but sometimes the hassle of getting that one card properly stamped and in foreign mail seems like a process. This app integrates with the vacation photos you take on your phone, and turns them into postcards that ship for free anywhere in the world! Postcards range from $2-$3 depending on the destination, and as soon as you are ready to order, the postcards mail to your loved ones straight from your phone the very next day.

Features we love:

  • If you buy in bulk you can get big discounts, so show-and-tell your trip to all your contacts!
  • Each card comes with a money-back guarantee if you cards are lost, damaged, or not as you expected.

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