Last year was a record-breaking one for travel, clocking over 1b tourists—a greater-than-ever proportion of whom travelled solo. From Toronto to Tasmania, researchers have identified travellers who live alone but travel in a group as the fastest growing type of ‘solo’ traveller. Here’s an infographic that maps this trend—follow its route to explore some of the factors at play, discover the nationalities most likely to travel solo, and take in a plethora of interesting stats about how and why people travel solo.


At G Adventures, we’re no stranger to solo travel’s incredible growth. In fact, we’ve seen a 134 per cent increase in solo travellers since 2008—and solo travellers now make up ~40 per cent of our travellers. Furthermore, ~65 per cent of these are women—a number that has grown nearly one-and-a-half times in the past five years! What all of this adds up to is that more and more travellers—especially women—are deciding to get out there and see the world on their own. It’s a growing, wonderful trend that’s allowing more and more people to see the world on their own terms.


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