Lovers of the environment are often faced with a dilemma: you love traveling and want to see as much of the Earth as possible, but that takes fuel. Luckily, some airline companies have the same worries in mind, and are actively striving to be more environmentally conscious.

Air Europa stands out among the rest, as it is the only airline in the world to participate in the first phase of the AIRE Oceanic Program, which aims to reduce emissions on transatlantic flights. Their dedication to the environment makes it easier for passengers to feel less guilt in choosing to fly. Sounds like a win-win to us!

If you understand this sturggle, consider the following pros of flying an eco-friendly airline like Air Europa.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing to fly with a sustainable airline like Air Europa already dramatically reduces your household’s carbon emissions. For over a decade, Air Europa has utilized winglet technology, saving a considerable amount of fuel and contributing to less pollution. You’ll be able to reap these benefits all by just choosing to book your ticket with them for your next trip.


Fly a Leading Airline (guilt-free)

Air Europa is one of Spain’s largest airlines, servicing about 10 million passengers with flights to 55 destinations. With routes to locations across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, booking an eco-friendly flight has never been this easy or accessible. Now, you have no excuse not to!


Enjoy all the Same Amenities

The best part of choosing to fly sustainably is that the decision doesn’t have to take away from your experience. That’s because none of the perks you’ve come to love from flying disappear, in fact, they’re just as good. The food, comfort, and entertainment services that you would expect from a top airline company are all still available. And, you can feel great about your decision, knowing you are showing the planet some love!

Supporting a Company that Shares Your Values

Most importantly, the biggest perk of flying a sustainable airline is putting your money where your mouth is. There are so many small ways we can be eco-friendly in our everyday lives, but making a large-scale decision like this makes the biggest impact.


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