Every semester we have the privilege of welcoming interns to our team that represent our core demographic—college students. These interns aren’t fetching coffee; they are helping us navigate the newest social channels, ideate new campaigns to engage our users, spread the word about StudentUniverse on college campuses across the U.S. and inspire our users with blog and social content to help them check the next destination off their bucket list.

We wanted to give our readers the chance to meet our two expert world travelers this semester—Sarah Waddle and Elaine Magentiren. Here goes “meet the interns.”


Sarah Waddle

A current Senior at Suffolk University, Sarah says that she is “the most genuine version of herself when she is traveling.” A Communications major with a concentration in Advertising, Sarah is part of the honors program and tutors math. She speaks intermediate Spanish and is currently teaching herself Swedish.

Sarah is an avid solo traveler who believes that the best way to explore a new place is on foot – by running through it. She studied abroad in Sydney, Australia at McCrory University. While she was there, she spent a week in Tasmania (solo of course) an traveled to New Zealand, one of her favorite travel destinations because it allows visitors to see what the world looked like in prehistoric times and take on adventure sports in Queensland.

Top of her bucket list? Israel, South Africa and South Korea.

Fun fact? Although she has never married anyone, Sarah is a registered minister.


Elaine Magentiren

A marketing major that just started her senior year at Bentley University, Elaine has a “huge curiosity to see the world and how other people live their lives by having local experiences” when she travels.  Elaine dedicates herself to helping others. She is currently enrolled in a program through her University to help people who speak English as a second language to improve their English speaking skills. In her free time, Elaine also enjoys trying new restaurants and finding new music (especially acoustic covers).

When asked about her favorite study abroad destination, Elaine is biased as she studied abroad in Barcelona and considers the city her second home. Prague and Amsterdam don’t fall far behind. While she lived in Barcelona for a semester, Elaine also visited Munich, Prague, Florence, Ibiza, Cevea, Grenada and Amsterdam. Given her love of experiencing local cultures, Elaine enjoys staying at Airbnb’s where local hosts will often tell you the places the locals go to dine, dance and explore.

Top of her bucket list? Ireland, Scotland, Turkey and Greece

Fun fact? Elaine sang in her high school chorus and participated in singing competitions.

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