Whether you’re a #Belieber or not, you can’t deny that the “I’ll Show You” music video was pretty sick. Justin Bieber showed a different side of himself in this video, taking us on a journey to some off-the-beaten path spots in Iceland. Now we’re here to “show you” the best places to see in Iceland! The video highlights super scenic views of Southern Iceland, and you don’t need to have Bieber fever to be in awe of these locations.



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Most people hike through this stunning canyon, but you can tap into your inner child and roll down the green hills like Biebs himself. The formation of these canyons are insane and is what brings adventure-seekers to the spot. These canyons were formed 9,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age and the river Fjaðrá has been carving through it ever since. The glacial river is shallow enough to hike through (with some sturdy boots) but you can get the best views walking along the mossy trails on top of the canyon. If you walk the path that JB walked in the video, you’ll come across stellar waterfalls that will make your jaw drop.




Seljalandsfoss is considered Iceland’s most famous waterfall, so it’s no wonder JB decided to shoot part of his video there. The unique part of this special waterfall is that you can actually hike through it and get a gorgeous view from behind the falls. The waterfalls stream down at 200 feet and one of the best views is watching the falls at sunset. Iceland is the hot spot to watch the northern lights, so if you go at the right time, you might even be able to see the northern lights from INSIDE the waterfall. In the surrounding areas, there are mossy green fields perfect for frolicking. Many travelers enjoy camping or even paragliding in these areas.



JB can’t seem to get enough of the waterfalls of Iceland and made a pit stop at the Skógafoss waterfall as well. Legend has it that one of the first viking settlers left a chest of gold in the cave behind the waterfall.  Looks like Justin Bieber didn’t cop the gold, but maybe you’ll find yourself getting lucky. Nearby Skógafoss is a black sand beach that travelers love visiting in the village of Skógar.



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I cringed when I saw Bieber walk into that glacial lake in just his underwear. Did you? Probably not the most advisable thing to do if you’re visiting these icebergs in chilly weather. This glacial lagoon features blue ice caves you can hike through and some even indulge in ice caving at Jökulsárlón. Considered one of the deepest lakes in Iceland, Jökulsárlón offers cool boat tours where you can get an overview of the lagoon and maybe even catch a glimpse of some seals. If you’re going to Iceland between September to April, you can even watch the northern lights from this location. Because of the warming climate, huge blocks of ice are constantly breaking off so visit this Iceland treasure before it melts away!


Image via Guide to Iceland

“There’s one thing that I know for sure…” that Southern Iceland has to be one of the coolest places to visit. So that’s the skinny on the destinations featured in the “I’ll Show You” video. You don’t have to be a celebrity to experience these icelandic treasures, book your next adventure soon and if you do, here’s some tips on how to travel around Iceland.


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