Riding on a cargo ship is a great way to carry all your luggage, and a completely unique experience from all other modes of travel. It’s a great alternative to flying, as I know many people who refuse to get in an airplane.

Booking a trip on a cargo ship is similar to booking a seat on any other means of transportation. You find the company with the best price, dates, and destinations that you are searching for, and hope that they have space aboard their vessel. Usually, cargo ships only have about twelve open spaces for travelers, so it’s important that you book early.

There are many travel agencies and entire websites that can assist you with finding a ship route that matches your schedule and destination.

My top sites are:

Make sure you have your passport ready, because American citizens cannot go from one U.S. port to another. You must travel to a foreign country when using this method, unless you are traveling between two locations outside of the United States.

The price of travel should include three meals a day. There won’t be any scheduled activities or glamorous lounges or arcades, however, so be prepared to entertain yourself. Consider bringing some music or a book to read. Also, be sure to bring an adapter for your electronics.

Be sure to bring some dramamine, because if you’re not used to being on boats, seasickness may get the best of you. Also, there may not be a doctor on board, so if you have any serious medical conditions, please consider an alternative.

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