For most international students from India who are studying abroad in the US, the anxiety of booking tickets to travel back in December starts even before the Fall semester commences. Who doesn’t want to go back home to the amazing food cooked by mom, the bustling city life and auto-rickshaws, the high school friends who are eagerly counting down days till you come and to the family who misses you each day? Would you believe me if I said that now you could visit family and friends in India this December for the cheapest student flights available?

Believe Me.


Here are tips to help you book the best deals on flights to India from the US in December:

Tip 1: Avoid peak travel. Use this data to your advantage.

Based on historical booking data, most student travelers going to India in December travel between  December 10th and 25th. If you have the flexibility to travel outside of this peak window, between December 1st to December 8th or December 26th to December 31st, you can save up to $800!

Tip 2: Book smart. Save More.

Some of us might like to procrastinate when it comes to studying for final exams, but do yourself a favor and do not procrastinate when it comes to booking your return ticket back to India. Based on last year’s data, the end of August can be one of the cheapest times to book your return tickets to India. Starting 28th August up until the first week of September is your chance to buy those cheap tickets with great itineraries. What’s more? Get an additional $30 off already discounted tickets between August 28th to September 4th on StudentUniverse. Cheap just got cheaper!

Tip 3: Remember: small details matter big.

So far we know that the travel dates for the flights and the time when these tickets are booked play a major role in how much they cost. Here is another tip: the day of the week you travel on impacts prices too! According to last year’s booking data, traveling on a Saturday was the most expensive, with Thursday and Friday not too far behind. Sunday and Monday were the cheapest travel days.


Now that you have the booking tips, go and find a discount flight and get an additional $30 off by booking your flight between now and September 11, 2015. 

Cheap never felt so good!

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