It’s that time of year again. Flowers are blooming, there are more graduation parties than anyone can possibly attend, and there is a palpable air of celebration out there.

It is a poignant moment for many young people, representing the well-deserved completion of a cycle. High school is trying at best, and anyone who makes it all the way through has earned an irrevocable honor.

Finally, finals are over and it’s time for our graduates to just relax for once in their young lives. And yet, how many really realize that one cycle completed means the next cycle is already ready to begin?

Fall will be here sooner than anyone can imagine. Time to pack up and ship out to lands unknown. There are unlimited opportunities to explore areas of life never before experienced — a fact that can be both exhilarating and terrifying.

One of the greatest fears many students face concerns just exactly how they’re supposed to pay for everything. Groceries? Laundry detergent? Car insurance? Beer? Tuition!?

Some of these items (ahem, laundry) seem optional. Others however, such as tuition, are most certainly mandatory. Some kids are lucky to have helpful parents. Every student should get some form of job to ease the process. Others are savvy enough to have earned some form of scholarship or another. These are all viable options, and are well-worth exploring.

But what if there was a way to save almost $10,000 per semester without having to maintain a magnificent GPA or wash dishes in the cafeteria? Depending on your circumstances, this is a real possibility.

In-State Angels  is an organization dedicated to helping sincere students qualify for in-state tuition rates as fast as is legally possible. If you are attending a public university that is outside your home state, you can’t afford not to investigate all your options.

With a bit of basic information, ISA can determine whether or not you are a good candidate for in-state status. Once this candidacy is established, ISA assigns a personal angel to work with each student free of charge until they are stamped, certified and saving thousands of dollars every semester.

The rules that regulate in-state tuition rates are constantly shifting. Knowing how much money schools stand to lose if too many out-of-state students become residents, clearly it is in their best interest to make that process as complicated and fraught with peril as possible.

Indeed, the penalties are steep. If a school finds out that any form was forgotten, or that any little slice of information was inaccurate, punishment can include expulsion, or retroactive assignment of residence, i.e. you owe them a ton of money for last semester.

When you’re working with ISA, they guarantee that once you’re qualified, they will keep you qualified for in-state status. They do all the heavy lifting, completing as much as the paperwork as they possibly can. They would tie your shoes for you if they could, but some things (like registering your car) are simply a part of becoming an independent adult.

Learning to live independently is an enormously enjoyable adventure, but it comes with a certain amount of risk — something about great power coming with great responsibility. College is complicated enough with classes, homework, social engagements and your part time job (seriously, get a job).

When you are working with the kind folks at In-State Angels, you can cross tuition issues and bureaucratic hassling off your to-do list. It pays to have an angel on your side. Let them do what they do, and you can feel free to get busy figuring out what it is that you do best.

Have fun. Play safe. Hire an angel.

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About the Author – Jake Wells founded In-State Angels in 2009 after graduating from the University of Colorado-Boulder with more debt than seemed reasonable. He is on a mission to prevent others from suffering a similar fate, and now advises students on how to get in-state tuition in the fastest way legally possible.

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