Thanksgiving travel is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Imagine trying to go on a short, 45 minute flight from Boston to New York. What could be a four hour bus ride would require getting to the airport, being there two hours prior to your flight, getting through security, fighting for overhead bin space and then finally taking your short flight. What seems like a quick flight turns into an experience that takes just as long, if not longer, than a bus ride.

Traveling by bus can be a luxurious experienced when faced with the alternatives. Not to mention there’s plenty of room under the bus, so you can pack all that laundry you’ve been avoiding. Can’t make it all the way home because of other responsibilities? Busing to a halfway point is a great option if you just want to spend the day with family (not to mention a great excuse to visit a new place). Taking a bus also forces you to take a little down time for yourself. There’s time to: catch up on television, read a book, re-acquaint yourself with your favorite music, hardcore people watch, make a new friend, finish an assignment, and last, but not least, reflect on all the ways you’re lucky to be on your way. With the Busbud app, you can have all of your trip details for the road home and back with you.

We are all about discounting flights and hotels here at StudentUniverse, but sometimes travel by bus is the best option, so we compiled the top three bus travel tips to help your journey fly by.

  1. Download Entertainment Before You Go: Almost every bus company offers some kind of Wifi service, and while the service has gotten infinitely better over the years, you shouldn’t have to wait to download. This is your time to relax and enjoy. If you download your on-board entertainment (or work) beforehand, you won’t be the person slamming their computer shut in frustration while they wait for Netflix to buffer.
  2.  Bring Snacks and Water: You want to stay hydrated during travel and it’s always good to have something to nibble on to keep the hangry mood swings at bay. Pro Tip: Don’t bring anything that could melt. I remember to this day, a grown man sitting next to me crying into his phone because his Reeses Pieces melted onto his favorite vintage sweater.
  3. Use Busbud: Busbud is revolutionizing bus travel, especially for students. You want to find your way from Newark to Montreal? Do you need to get home for Thanksgiving but the flights aren’t direct, or you can’t afford them? Busbud pulls all the info together for you so you can take a multi-city bus trip to wherever you need to go. Oh, did we also mention Busbud works internationally too? The Busbud app makes traveling by bus a dream, it’s must-have tool for any traveler.

Ho-li-day! Celebrate:  As you probably have guessed, this tool is especially important for students who can be seen racing to the bus depot for every holiday occasion. And we wanted to make sure you could get home for Thanksgiving, so we created a Promo Code that will give you 20% off your trip (valid to 12/31/15). Promo Code: SU2015

Wherever the road takes you, be sure to keep tabs on our blog. We are constantly posting tips, tricks, and how-to’s about all things student travel. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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