While travelers often look for cheap flights, one aspect of the overall price of travel that is often overlooked is the value of the traveler’s currency in the countries they are visiting.

If you’re a young traveler on a budget, there couldn’t be a better time to travel. Why? The US dollar is currently performing very well against a number of foreign currencies. This means your dollar can take you a lot further! Countries that you once thought may have been too expensive to visit suddenly seem within reach when the dollar can buy you so much more. Because exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, it’s hard to say how long this will last. We’ve provided a snapshot of exactly how much further your dollar will take you in seven popular cities around the world by showing you exactly how much popular tourist attractions and meals would cost today, and what they cost in 2009.


2015: 1 USD = .94 Euro

2009: 1 USD = .69 Euro



This magical city is considered one of the most touristy areas in Italy, but you won’t have to pay touristy prices if you go now. Sea levels in Venice rise every year, enjoy a gondola ride now.  Who knows how much longer Gondola rides will be possible.”

2009 Today
Gondola Ride $46 $34
Dinner & wine for 2 $66 $49
Doge’s Palace entrance $26 $19




Soak in Catalan culture with tapas and feast your eyes on Gaudi’s architecture at a lower cost this year. Experience Barcelona’s nightlife without breaking the bank with steep club entrance fees.

2009 Today
Sagrada Familia Entrance $22 $16
Tapas Meal $52 $38
Club Entrance + 1 Drink $22 $16




The sea level is also rising in the Netherlands, so check out the Red Light District or try to learn more about Anne Frank’s journey in Amsterdam for less.

2009 Today
Anne Frank House Entrance $13 $10
Dinner in the Red Light District $50 $37
Van Gogh Museum $24 $18


2015: 1 USD = 122.86 Yen

2009: 1 USD = 90.54 Yen



This Japanese city is super-modern but still has remnants of its dynasty past. Today, you can get a panoramic view of Tokyo in the Tokyo Skytree and even catch a Sumo tournament for way less than you would in 2009.

2009 Today
Tokyo Skytree $23 $17
Sushi dinner $7 $5
Sumo Tournament $42 $31


2015: 1 USD = 7.02 Krone

2009: 1 USD = 5.78 Krone



Many budget travelers steered away from Copenhagen because indulging in the city seemed expensive. However, with the recent strength of the U.S Dollar, you can now have the ultimate Danish experience and visit the oldest amusement park in the world at a lower price!

2009 Today
Rosenborg Castle entrance $10 $8
10 Tickets for Rides in Tivoli $43 $36

South Africa 

2015: 1 USD = 14.43 South African Rand

2009: 1 USD = 7.41 South African Rand 

Cape Town


Get a stunning view of Cape Town by taking a cable car up to Table Mountain for almost half the price you would pay in 2009. While you are in this South African treasure, take a ferry to Robben Island and see the prison that once held Nelson Mandela.

2009 Today
Cable car up Table Mountain $30 $16
Safari Tour $229 $117
Robben Island Tour $41 $21



2015: 1 USD = 1.37 AUD

2009: 1 USD = 1.11 AUD




If you have a brave soul, you can now do the Sydney Harbor BridgeClimb for a lot less. For those who like to stay close to the ground, cozy up to some wildlife at the famous Taronga Zoo for less than you would six years ago.

2009 Today
Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb $239 $196
Taronga Zoo Entrance $41 $34
Sydney Opera House Tour $33 $27

So where do you want to go and see how far your money can take you? Don’t wait, plan your trip today!

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