Book early and save more

The information below is data collected by StudentUniverse in 2014 that shows the average booking price trend between June and December in 2013. It’s obvious that from July through mid-October, is the best time to buy flights departing in December from the US to India. Once November hits, the prices start to increase due to decreasing availability. Therefore, booking early helps customers save more on flights.


What’s the best travel day?

According to our data, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays are the best travel days in terms of prices, for flights from the US to India. Flights departing on Tuesday have the lowest price on average, over $200 cheaper than traveling over Saturday. Typically, traveling on Fridays and Saturdays have higher prices. Make sure to utilize our flexible travel search by checking the box of “My travel date is flexible” and compare the prices in a week to find the best day to travel.



Act quickly

Airfare prices can change everyday and there are also other factors that affect the price, such as the airline company, itinerary, preferred travel date, departure and arrival airport and availability, etc. It is not uncommon when prices drastically go higher within days, especially during the peak travel season.  September and October are seen as the busy periods for booking flights to India departing in December so if you want your travel to be customized exactly to your liking, book your seats as early as possible!

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