If you’re a travel bug that’s looking to simultaneously satisfy your eyes and stomach then head to some of these breathtaking cities, which are known for their unparalleled cuisine.

For those who happen to enjoy tapas, Barcelona can’t be beat. But you might also want to scope out San Sebastian, which boasts a bevy of innovative restaurants serving up small plates as well. Arguably one of the most famous dishes of Barcelona is the cuisine called Paella. Traditionally, Paella consists of the main ingredient rice mixed with either chicken or duck. But recently there has been a transition for the paella to be mixed with fish or other seafood.


USA Today ranked Istanbul as a top contender for foodies, with a multitude of impressive seafood restaurants and a variety of freshly cut meats. If you’re in the mood for seafood we suggest stopping by the restaurants Balıkçı Kahraman and Eleos to try some Lüfer (a delectable white fish) or some Manti (Turkish ravioli served with cool yogurt and spicy oil dressing). Now if you want to try some fine meat we suggest giving Iskender Kebap a try! This famous dish is thinly sliced divine pieces of lamb basted with spicy tomato sauce served over hot pieces of pita bread and slathered with melted butter.


If you’re looking for mouthwatering street food to go along with incredibly friendly service head to Mexico City and try the variety of street food offered.  Ranging from tacos al pastor, pozole, and flautas galore Mexico City is rich in culture and the buzz around the city to go along with owners who truly care about their food and customers is almost better than the food itself. If you need the go to food while there give the tamales a go, but not just any tamales; try the banana-leaf wrapped tamales. To get these melt-in-your-mouth tamales head to the street booth at the northwest corner of Altamirano and García Icazbalceta, Colonia San Rafael (nighttime only).

Mexico City

And for the adventurous foodies, Copenhagen is ideal – as long as you’re willing to try ants, moss or sea urchin toast, among other unusual dishes. If you’re not that adventurous give the sandwiches called smørrebrød a try as this is the lunch of choice in Copenhagen. in case you were wondering what the best fast food to get was it is the Pølse, the Danish hot dog that everyone in Copenhagen seems to nibble on every now and then.


Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time for some more travel recommendations.



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