As we get ready to turn the page on a new calendar year, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the top five most popular posts on our student blog in 2014.

These were our most-read posts this year, so if you haven’t had a chance to read them, now would be a good time to get caught up! They may give you some great tips to consider if you are heading abroad in Europe this Spring, preparing for an overnight layover or planning a road trip for 2015.

  1. The Top 5 Can’t Miss Cities for Your Ultimate Road Trip

The Ultimate Road Trip. It’s on almost every avid traveler’s bucket list and if you’re an American, it’s probably crossing the USA. But with so many great cities to visit, it’s hard to know how to plan such an epic trip.We give our top five cities to visit in the US and why.

  1. How to Survive an Overnight Layover at an Airport

Long layovers, delays, and—even worse—flight cancellations are inevitable, and honestly, it’s part of the travel charm. Overnight layovers, however, take the cake for being the worst of the worst. If you’re a student traveling on a limited budget, a “reduced” room at the airport hotel may not be the best accommodation option for the night. So, once you’ve accepted that you’re spending the night in the airport, read through this quick survival guide to the next eight to twelve hours of your life.

  1. 21 Trials and Tribulations of Air Travel

Flying might not always be relaxing, but it most certainly is never boring. This post will give you a laugh with 21 GIFs outlining the trials and tribulations of air travel.

  1. 14 Things You Didn’t Expect When Studying Abroad in Europe

14 GIFs that outline common challenges encountered during a semester abroad in Europe.

  1. The Top 6 Reasons to Study Abroad on the Gold Coast

One of our student bloggers studying abroad at Bond University on the Gold Coast of Australia provides an overview of the how a beautiful culture on the opposite side of the planet changed her life.

We look forward to bringing you more great travel content in 2015! Cheers to another year of travel, and exploring this amazing world we live in.

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