Traveling this holiday season? Well you’re definitely not the only one. The holiday season is the busiest and most hectic time of the year to travel. It can all be a little stressful with delays, long lines, and busy crowds, but we got you covered with our travel hacks to make getting to where you’re going a cinch.

Holiday Travel Tips

  1. There’s no such thing as booking too early.The earlier you book your holiday travel, the more money you’ll save to use for awesome gifts. Prices steadily rise approaching Thanksgiving, so don’t pay for procrastination.
  2. On the same note as tip 1, flying on the day of the holiday instead of peak holiday travel days, like the day before, will save you a pretty penny.
  3. As far as time of day, booking early morning flights or evening flights will be cheaper and the airport is less crowded and lines shorter at these times.
  4. Head to the airport extra early during holiday travel to avoid the stress of rushing or running late. It’s very likely that they’ll be traffic on the commute to the airport, not to mention the longer than usual check-in and security lines.
  5. To save time at the airport, check in to your flight ahead of time through online check-in. Printing your boarding pass at home, or using a mobile boarding pass will make the process of getting onto the plane a whole lot easier. If this option is not available, print your boarding ticket at your airline’s kiosks instead of waiting in the dreadful check-in line.
  6. As always, remember to pack as light as possible for your trip. Overweight baggage fees are hefty and a serious downer, so weigh your bag before you leave the house. If possible, pack a carry along instead of checking a bag so you can bypass the bag drop and baggage carousel line.
  7. Charge your devices before hand, because you know all the airport outlets will be taken. There are a lot of delays and cancellations during holiday season so it’s vital to keep your phone charged in case of any mishaps. Your phone will also be a great source of entertainment for you when waiting in long lines.

Safe travels!

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