Did you know that the winter is one of the best times to take a trip when you’re on a budget? Of course, it depends where you’re going. For certain locations, though, the upcoming off-peak season happens to offer surprisingly affordable travel opportunities.

In case you’re wondering which destinations won’t break the bank, The Travel Channel recently ranked a few options you might want to consider.

If you’re willing to brave the cold, Oslo, Scandinavia is one of their top picks with eye-opening low air fares that are comparable to domestic rates.

Looking for warmer weather? Head to Central America – specifically, San Jose and San Salvador. You’ll also find relatively cheap flights to South America – Ecuador, and Lima, Peru, in particular.

But if you’re dying to bask on a Caribbean beach, head to Puerto Rico, where airfare to Ponce is pretty reasonable.
Traveling in a group can offer even more savings. Tune in next week to hear some of the perks!

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