Home to exotic animals, Instagram-worthy food and sprawling beaches, Australia is at the top of our destination bucket list! We’ve answered all of your questions on where to go, what to eat and how to save money. Here are the most read posts on Australia and New Zealand from our travel blog. Whether you are heading to Australia or New Zealand to study, work abroad or for an adventure, you should take a read through these posts!

1. 5 Ways to Save Money in Australia 

Traveling can be expensive. Don’t let this stop you from adventuring! These 5 simple tips can end up saving you money big-time while still living it up during your trip to Australia.


2. Working Abroad: Australia 

What looks good on a resume and lets you hang out at the beach every night? An international work experience in Australia! This blog post outlines the different options to consider for the most epic job experience ever.



3. Work Abroad: Is it a good fit for you?

Find out the ins and outs of working abroad down under to see if the experience is right for you. Decide between New Zealand and Australia, find out the qualifications and what’s included in your package.



4. How to Keep Warm in the Sydney Winter

You probably imagined Australia as beautiful and sunny year round, am I right? Believe it or not, temperatures in Sydney during June and July can drop to 46 degrees! Find out how to still explore the city while staying warm.


5. Weekend Getaway in Sydney, Australia My #happyplace

With just a couples days to spend in Sydney, you can maximize your time and money with our weekend getaway guide.



6. Sydney Bites Down Under (and I Don’t Mean the Shark Type) 

The only bite you have to worry about in Australia is which you’re going to eat next! We’ve got you covered on some of the best food places to try.


7. The Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to the South Pacific 

If you love to be thrilled, you will fall head over heels (literally) for Australia and New Zealand. Both are home to extreme sports, made just for the daredevils. Find out the best ways to get the blood (and adrenaline) pumping during your trip.


8. Things to do on New Zealand’s North Island 

New Zealand may be small, but it is a big destination! Our own StudentUniverse traveler describes her unforgettable experience at the North Island.


9. 5 Queenstown Adventures for the Less Adventurous 

Queenstown isn’t just for the daring! There is still plenty to do, see and eat in the city if you are seeking a more mild thrill.


10. South Pacific Region: Pros and Cons 

Know the good, the bad and the ugly of each popular city in the South Pacific before you jet off across the world.


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