Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Another dinner and a movie date may seem like the only option due to the frigid weather, but there are other ways to spice up the most popular date night of the year!

1. Start an “All About Us” Book
My boyfriend and I recently began filling out an “All About Us” book . Fill the blanks out in one sitting, or come back to it another time. As you fill out each section of the book you learn things about each another that can be surprising. The book allows you to have conversations you otherwise would never have. Working on the book together makes for a cozy night at home.

2.  Prepare a new meal together
Try a recipe you two have never attempted before. Make the list, go to the grocery store together, pick out the ingredients and start cooking! It is fun to try something new together, and enjoy the aftermath of a scrumptious meal.

3.  Go Ice Skating
Ice skating is a great date for this time of year. Whether you’re skating on an indoor rink or an outdoor pond it is inexpensive, fun and romantic! Most rinks have snack stands, so warm up with hot chocolate and cookies after spending time on the ice. Ice skating is a great way to get out of the house and get active with one another.

4. Get a Massage Together
There are wonderful places called “massage schools” where students give great massages to practice on clients for only $25-30 a person. Massages are typically an hour long and totally worth it. The price would be triple in a spa! Massage is a great way for you both to relax and be pampered.

5. Send Surprise Flowers
You might think it’s cliché to buy your sweetheart flowers on Valentine’s Day, but if you cannot be with your loved one on the day, surprise her/him with a bouquet of flowers or a stunning plant. There is nothing better than getting an unexpected knock at the door and receiving flowers with a note from the one you love! Through StudentUniverse you are eligible for $10 off any order of $44.99 or more with There are enough unique flower colors and assortments to dazzle any Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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