Calling all hardcore adventurers! If you’re constantly seeking a thrill and love the outdoors, we have the place for you and it’s called New South Wales.

So, where is New South Wales, you ask? It’s basically where everyone wants to go when they visit Australia, including Sydney, Byron Bay, the Blue Mountains and more. Not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but it also offers rock-climbing, white water rafting and more. When it comes to outdoor adventures, NSW has got it all.

Hiking and rock-climbing in the Blue Mountains

Not only are the Blue Mountains perfectly picturesque, but they’re also super fun! You can choose to hike and admire the landscapes, gardens and waterfalls or satisfy your adrenaline craving by rock-climbing. Either way, you’ll still get those spectacular views!

Scuba diving

Now this is a must-do at some point in your life and why not try it out in New South Wales, one of the best coastlines in Australia? Complete with caves and a diverse range of aquatic life (including nurse sharks and fur seals!), diving should be a no brainer. Be sure to hit some of the top sites such as Fish Rock Cave (located in South West Rocks, NSW), Lord Howe Island, Jervis Bay and Julian Rocks Marine Reserve off Byron Bay. Although the water gets a little cooler in the winter, diving is possible year round here.

White water rafting

If you’re really looking for an adrenaline rush, white water rafting should definitely be at the top of your list. Start at grade one if you’re looking for more of a mild ride or if you’re feeling super adventurous, you can dare to try grade six. Some popular spots for rafting include Nymboida River and Barrington River.


You can’t truly experience Australia without learning how to surf! Luckily, New South Wales has some of best surf spots in the continent. Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can visit Bondi Beach, Port Stephens, Newcastle or Byron Bay for some great waves. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat when you’re done!

Camel or horseback riding in Port Stephens

Try something new in New South Wales! Your insta followers will be beyond jealous of this adventure. Ride along the beautiful, awe-inspiring, beaches and trek across the wilderness in Port Stephens. For an even more surreal experience, take a dusk ride at sunset. 

Spit Bridge to Manly Coastal Walk

About seven miles long, this walk is no easy feat and will take you about three to four hours. However, you are guaranteed to get some of the most beautiful views of the beaches, bushland and Sydney Harbour. There are several places to stop along the way either to take a quick dip in the ocean or learn about Australia’s rich history. Some places of interest include Castle Rock Beach, Grotto Point Lighthouse and the Arabanoo Lookout at Dobroyd Head.

It’s confirmed. Adventurous travelers will have the time of their lives in New South Wales, no doubt. Wondering how much it will take to get you to Australia? With our discounts, you may be surprised at how cheap it really is. Let’s find out!

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