This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a minute to appreciate our one true love: travel. While traveling didn’t happen much in 2020, you know what they say—distance makes the heart grow fonder. A year off of traveling has definitely made us appreciate it that much more! Now, we’re more ready than ever to get back to it, ASAP!

So, what better way to fuel the travel love than asking our StudentUniverse team to share some of their favorite reasons for why they love traveling? We rounded up the team (virtually, of course) to share some of their favorite reasons for traveling. 

1. To meet new people from all over the world! 

2. To get away from real life for awhile and have a chance to disconnect

3. To see all of the different ways that people live and work around the world 

4. To be reminded of all of our human similarities, no matter where you travel

why we love travel

5. To experience new foods, cultures and ways of life

6.  To get outside of our comfort zone 

7. To be reminded that we’re all connected and that we’re part of something much bigger than myself 

why we love travel

8. To be challenged to go further and see more 

9. To remember that we’re all in this together

10. To build confidence by navigating new and unfamiliar places and making new connections 

why we love travel

11. Travel unites us under shared and common experiences. 

12. To learn something new about myself and the world around me 

13. To see some of the most beautiful places on the planet! 

14. To clear my head and get a fresh perspective by seeing other cultures or other ways of living 

why we love travel

15. To destress and relax! 

16. To have unique experiences and adventures I can’t have anywhere else

Which of these are reasons you love to travel too?