Where to go skiing this winter [VIDEO]

Transcript With winter on its way, skiing enthusiasts are itching to hit some foreign slopes. There’s nothing quite like the rush of carving out the snow in a far-off destination – and many of them offer dramatic views that you’d never get at domestic mountains. Now is definitely the time to book your skiing excursion… Read More

What’s in my travel bag?

You’ve booked a trip and scored a great deal (thanks to Student Universe of course), but then the hard part happens…packing. It’s a never-ending battle (especially for every girl who is traveling throughout several seasons) and the packing doesn’t stop with the overstuffed suitcase. The carry on bag and purse are just as, if not… Read More

Build your skills while traveling the world [VIDEO]

Transcript Many students are afraid that taking time off from school, or spending an entire summer traveling could have negative effects down the road when it comes to finding a job. Thing is, the opposite couldn’t be more true. If you plan your activities wisely while traveling, you can have an experience of a lifetime… Read More

How international travel will help your resume [VIDEO]

Transcript Getting heat from friends or family for wanting to travel instead of landing the perfect internship next summer? Don’t worry – here’s what you can tell them to make them see your travel experience could look just as good – or even better – on your resume. There’s no experience more challenging than traveling… Read More

Hot spots for student travel this Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

Transcript For some, Thanksgiving means heading home to feast with family. It’s also a great time to travel, too. So which are the best destinations to explore around this holiday? We recommend two very different locations, depending on what kind of Thanksgiving you’re looking for this year. If you’re on the east coast, it’s especially… Read More

Her Travel Addiction: Antigua

Lexi’s video she filmed and edited about her trip to Antigua Traveling is a lifestyle for a majority of individuals, and since I have yet to have this experience I interviewed someone who has. Her name is Lexi Pappas and she is a 20 year old who has been fortunate enough to have this opportunity.… Read More

Backpacking solo: is it safe? [VIDEO]

Transcript Imagine marveling alone at the wonder of the ancient Mayan ruins, or embarking on a photography adventure through the Swiss alps, or sitting pensively in a Parisian garden in total peace. Backpacking solo is one of the most exciting and empowering things a college student can do. While the experience can make you more… Read More

Why do our members love StudentUniverse?

We asked students to share why they use our site. They told us they love us because… of “the endless opportunities it presents.” “They opened my door to the world.” “It lets students go places they have never been before.” “It’s how I got from America to England to study abroad!” “It allows me to… Read More