Culture Shock – What to Know Before You Study in the U.S. [Video]

Off to study in the U.S. for the first time? Get ready for a whole new world! We put together this video to help you avoid some culture shock, with expert advice from our team members who have been in your shoes. We cover greetings and introductions, food, campus life, social life, differences between China and the U.S. and contracts. Read More

Experience More with Travel

New Year’s Resolution: Travel More [VIDEO]

Most of us set resolutions for ourselves as we go into every year. I’m sure you’ve seen the overwhelming amount of “new year, new me” memes. While most resolutions are simple life changes like becoming more active with a gym membership or finally cleaning out your overflowing closet (I’ll get to it eventually), there’s a resolution that’s becoming increasingly popular: to travel more. Here are some reasons why traveling more should be on your resolution list.

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Top overseas cities for shopping ’till you drop

As the holiday season approaches, one thing is on your mind: shopping. Whether you’re seeking new pieces for your own winter wardrobe or some unusual gifts for friends and family, here are some cities you should check out for some truly special buys. Milan is not to be missed – not only is it easy… Read More

Best destinations for foodies [VIDEO]

If you’re a travel bug that’s looking to simultaneously satisfy your eyes and stomach then head to some of these breathtaking cities, which are known for their unparalleled cuisine. For those who happen to enjoy tapas, Barcelona can’t be beat. But you might also want to scope out San Sebastian, which boasts a bevy of… Read More

Strategies for smooth group travel [VIDEO]

Transcript Last week, we went over the many perks to traveling with other people. However, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth experience. You’ll definitely want to devise some kind of itinerary. While it’s not necessary to plan out every minute, you should have a loose outline… Read More

Top reasons to try group travel [VIDEO]

Transcript There are certain things in life that are simply better with company – and travel can be one of them. If you’re eager to take a trip somewhere, then, consider some of these key advantages to doing so in a group. First of all, there’s a certain comfort that comes with group travel. Since… Read More

How to Find the Best Hotel Deal

Finding the best deal isn’t always about finding the lowest price. A number of things have to be factored in, like room types, bookings fees, taxes, seasonality and location to name a few.

So how to find the best deal? Here are 5 tips that may help.

4 Affordable Destinations for Winter Travel [VIDEO]

Transcript Did you know that the winter is one of the best times to take a trip when you’re on a budget? Of course, it depends where you’re going. For certain locations, though, the upcoming off-peak season happens to offer surprisingly affordable travel opportunities. In case you’re wondering which destinations won’t break the bank, The… Read More