Hilton on Hotel Toiletries: 73% of Travelers Take Them

Are you among the millennials who have taken toiletries from the housekeeping cart, re-gifted them, or used them while traveling? If so, you are not alone. According to data issued by Hilton Worldwide, millennials are significantly more likely (31 percent) to take hotel toiletries from the housekeeping cart than those that are 55 and older (13 percent) and 39 percent of millennials have used hotel toiletries to to remove stains. What’s more shocking is that 10 percent of Americans even confess that they have given away amenities as a present, (something to keep in mind as you start holiday shopping).

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Think in-room amenities are limited to bath products? Think again. Last year we posted a blog detailing ten amazing in-room amenities, which range from guitars to goldfish.

AT&T and Wi-Fi in the Sky

After making an announcement that it would work with Honeywell International to build a land- to-air high-speed network to provide in-flight Wi-Fi access to airlines as early as 2015, AT&T has sent the Wi-Fi wheels spinning again as a result of trims to capital expenditures.

Looks like their priorities are on making a push into Mexico (through the $2.5 billion acquisition of Grupo Iusacell SA) versus to bring Wi-Fi to the sky.

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On the Horizon: Vertical In-Flight Seating

3D seating. It’s the next big trend in cabin seating as it offers both space efficiency and the ability for passengers more room to stretch out their legs in a “pod-like” environment. Select aircrafts already feature preliminary moves toward this design (most which would be unknown to the passengers).

The current prototype from FactoryDesign in London is called the Air Lair.The two biggest concerns are getting in and out of the seats and how friendly they are to passengers with disabilities. For these reasons, the current prototypes would accompany, not replace, business and first class seats.

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We hope you all have a good week. This week we will end with a favorite travel quote: “Travel makes you modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

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