Headed Somewhere Warm? Check Your Coat at the Airport

It’s the debate most travelers have when they set out in the cold New England temperatures in the winter to travel to sunnier pastures—do I wear my winter jacket? You know you will be freezing on the way to the airport without it, but you don’t want to lug it around once you’re in your warm destination.

Well, the problem has been solved at New York’s JFK airport. Travelers through terminal 5 can take advantage of CoatChex, the post-security coat check service. The service visually tags owners to their belongings (eliminating the need for a coat check ticket) and scans boarding passes to track changes in travel schedules or flight delays/cancellations.

Just $10/week to fly coat-free!

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Europe on a Budget? Four Non-Euro Cities to Explore

While many of the European cities on travelers bucket lists include Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and the like, major cities that operate on the Euro can be more expensive to visit than some of the less-known European cities that operate on their own currency.>

According to the Price of Travel Index, four frugal European cities to consider visiting include (the daily price of travel is for one person based on double occupancy, two three-kilometer taxi rides, one cultural attraction, three meals, and the price of three beers or glasses of wine as an entertainment fund):

  • Bucharest, Romania — Daily Budget $51
  • Budapest, Hungary – Daily Budget $57
  • Istanbul, Turkey — Daily Budget $89
  • Zagreb, Croatia – Daily Budget $84

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London Air Traffic Control Restored

All London airspace was closed for several hours on Friday as a result of a computer failure (which was not related to a power outage but rather a suspected issue with the flight data system), according to Europe’s air traffic control network, Eurocontrol. It was restored around quarter of five Friday evening, but the effects would be felt for the rest of the weekend. About 50 flights had been canceled by 5:30 p.m. GMT on Friday, with the number expected to rise over the evening and into Saturday.

British Airways offered refunds or the chance to rebook to any of its passengers not wishing to travel Friday in light of the problems.

CNN’s Jim Boulden said more than 80 airlines fly into and out of Heathrow, with some 200,000 people passing through the airport daily.

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Given the number of our readers that are flying home for the holidays later this week, or this weekend, we will end with  an article from BuzzFeed, that details the 22 travel hacks for the holiday season. For those of you wrapping up your exams (in addition to your presents) this week, best of luck for the end of the semester.

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