What To Do When Pre-departure Panic Sets In

iStock_000000656811SmallSo you’re about to depart on a grand adventure – whether it’s studying abroad, working abroad, backpacking through Europe, moving to the far-off land in which you’ve always dreamed of living – and as the countdown shrivels away, your panic grows at a frighteningly rapid pace. You have been planning this trip for months, maybe even years, and the anticipation has brought nothing but sheer excitement. But now that your departure date is visible on the calendar and the reality is setting in, all you can think about is what creative ways you can come up with to get out of the trip altogether. How will you pack for months or years abroad in the humorously limited baggage allowance offered by your airline? How will you function in a culture that doesn’t speak your language? How will you survive without mommy and daddy and all of your childhood best friends by your side? And for God’s sake, what will you do without the Super Bowl, country music, and Thanksgiving!? (more…)