Top reasons to try group travel [VIDEO]

Transcript There are certain things in life that are simply better with company – and travel can be one of them. If you’re eager to take a trip somewhere, then, consider some of these key advantages to doing so in a group. First of all, there’s a certain comfort that comes with group travel. Since… Read More

Where to go skiing this winter [VIDEO]

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Hot spots for student travel this Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

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The Yacht Week, Croatia

The most amazing trip of my life. The trip consist of meeting people from all over world, sailing on the most beautiful water, cliff jumping off caves, tanning on the front of our yacht, and champagne showers. We traveled to 6 islands all over the Adriatic sea. Although I would love to tell you every… Read More

Australia, a working hostel, and a bra flag

In the beginning…. I was 19 years old, and decided to leave everything behind and go to Australia. I vividly remember the day I left. It was so, so cold. It had just started to snow, and the runways at Heathrow airport were getting closed one by one. As I made my way to the… Read More

Eat Your Way Through the USA

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Top 5 Songs About Cities Around the World

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The Best U.S. Summer Food Festivals in August

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