The Solo Travel Movement: Why More and More Travellers Are Hitting the Road… Alone

Every traveller is unique. Some of us prefer local, off-the-beaten path experiences, while others thrive on high-paced adventure. Others still aim to find the world’s best beaches – and stay put for a week or two. Then there are those curious creatures that don’t like to travel at all. Chances are, you know some of them – you may even be related or married to one of them – which may consequently make your pool of travel companions woefully small. Read More

The Top Site to Find the Best Local Parties? Hint: You’re Already Signed-Up, Guaranteed

Going to a new city is a fun, exciting, and hopefully a unique experience. However, with the power of TripAdvisor and the power of Google, many people traveling just see the same ol’, same ol’.

If only there was a way that you could find local festivals, clubs and parties, or the active demonstrations whenever you’re there, wherever you are in the world that listed the amount of people attending? Hint: You’re already a member of this website, I guarantee you. Read More

The Yacht Week, Croatia

The most amazing trip of my life.

The trip consist of meeting people from all over world, sailing on the most beautiful water, cliff jumping off caves, tanning on the front of our yacht, and champagne showers.

We traveled to 6 islands all over the Adriatic sea. Read More

Australia, a working hostel, and a bra flag

In the beginning….

I was 19 years old, and decided to leave everything behind and go to Australia.
I vividly remember the day I left. It was so, so cold. It had just started to snow, and the runways at Heathrow airport were getting closed one by one. As I made my way to the airport, questions started to run through my head. Read More