Where the Bros Go

Kicking it with your bros is a highlight of every guys’ social life. Whether you throw back a few at a bar once a week, or hit up the clubs sans your girlfriends, most guys look forward to a guys’ night. Why leave it at just a guys’ night though? Instead, take a guys’ trip that you and your friends will remember forever. Here’s some top destinations for the perfect guys’ trip. (more…)

A Girls’ Trip to Remember

Doesn’t every girl look forward to a night out with the girls? Girls’ nights are some of the most memorable and enjoyable times of our lives, but why leave it at just a night? Take a girls’ trip to a awesome destination that you and your girlfriends will talk about for ages! Here’s some great destinations for the perfect girls’ trip. (more…)

Top Travel Headlines This Week: CoatChex for the Cold, Europe Without the Euro, London Air Traffic Restored

Headed Somewhere Warm? Check Your Coat at the Airport

It’s the debate most travelers have when they set out in the cold New England temperatures in the winter to travel to sunnier pastures—do I wear my winter jacket? You know you will be freezing on the way to the airport without it, but you don’t want to lug it around once you’re in your warm destination. (more…)

Shredding Secrets: Which Board Will You Use?

BoardingCollageWith winter season approaching some of us are looking forward to grabbing our boards. Whether you are grabbing your snowboard to shred the slopes or you are grabbing your surfboard to shred some waves: StudentUniverse has some new destinations for you to go. These destinations aren’t your typical global hot spots, but rather the unknown locations that provide an epic ride. (more…)

The Top 10 Free Hotel Amenities 2014

A Hotels.com survey conducted earlier this year surveyed 1,000 travelers on hotel amenities and revealed that free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast have emerged as the most important to travelers. While free in-room Wi-Fi has become fairly commonplace and expected among some travelers, hotels offering more fun and non-traditional amenities differentiate themselves from the pack. (more…)

Top overseas cities for shopping ’till you drop

As the holiday season approaches, one thing is on your mind: shopping. Whether you’re seeking new pieces for your own winter wardrobe or some unusual gifts for friends and family, here are some cities you should check out for some truly special buys. Milan is not to be missed – not only is it easy to navigate the pedestrian streets, but they are chock full of boutiques, showrooms and jewelers that are bound to have you whipping out your wallet. (more…)

Top Travel Headlines This Week: Travelers and Toiletries, Sky High Wi-Fi and Vertical Seating on the Horizon

Hilton on Hotel Toiletries: 73% of Travelers Take Them

Are you among the millennials who have taken toiletries from the housekeeping cart, re-gifted them, or used them while traveling? If so, you are not alone. According to data issued by Hilton Worldwide, millennials are significantly more likely (31 percent) to take hotel toiletries from the housekeeping cart than those that are 55 and older (13 percent) and 39 percent of millennials have used hotel toiletries to to remove stains. What’s more shocking is that 10 percent of Americans even confess that they have given away amenities as a present, (something to keep in mind as you start holiday shopping). (more…)

Solo Travel Today [Infographic]

Last year was a record-breaking one for travel, clocking over 1b tourists—a greater-than-ever proportion of whom travelled solo. From Toronto to Tasmania, researchers have identified travellers who live alone but travel in a group as the fastest growing type of ‘solo’ traveller. Here’s an infographic that maps this trend—follow its route to explore some of the factors at play, discover the nationalities most likely to travel solo, and take in a plethora of interesting stats about how and why people travel solo. (more…)