Adventures from my Study Abroad Trip in Europe

I’m pretty sure most of my Facebook contacts are sick of hearing how much I loved Europe. You see, I just came back this January from my study abroad trip in Europe to the wonderful city of Bradford. I attended the University of Bradford in England for one semester (September- January), and it was an… Read More

Travel Resolutions for the New Year

As I reflect upon my past year of travel I realize there are some things I would like to focus on (or rather stop focusing on) while I plan my future adventures for 2014. 1. Stop going to places because the guidebooks tell me to You should not feel obligated to go somewhere simply because… Read More

5 Ways to Fund Your Overseas Education

Piggy Bank

Studying overseas is a great way to enhance your academic experience while increasing cultural awareness and tolerance. Studying abroad will help you develop a deeper understanding of the world, and will contribute to career marketability, as well as personal growth. Employers seek employees with good communication skills and cross-cultural competence—both of which are fostered through studying abroad. However, whether you are an international student studying in the United States or a US student studying abroad, studying in a country other than your own is expensive. The following are some ways to help you fund your overseas education. Read More