Her Travel Addiction: Antigua

Lexi’s video she filmed and edited about her trip to Antigua Traveling is a lifestyle for a majority of individuals, and since I have yet to have this experience I interviewed someone who has. Her name is Lexi Pappas and she is a 20 year old who has been fortunate enough to have this opportunity.… Read More

5 Ideas to Guarantee an Epic Summer

The summer is approaching fast… meaning three months of freedom, adventure, and experience outside of the classroom await. The pristine beaches, dramatic mountains, foreign lands, and crazy adventures are consistently calling your name while you sit in the classroom patiently waiting to turn those destined daydreams into a reality. Need some inspiration? Here’s 5 adventurous… Read More

Keeping the Adventure Alive


Everyone knows about the shock which occurs when you leave your home country and travel to a foreign country, far different from the one you’ve always known and loved. However, not as many people mention the opposite shock of returning from abroad!

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The Top 10 Things You Have To Do To Fully Embrace Travel

We talk a lot about travel and how important it is. You might say that we’re enthusiasts. It’s our business and it’s what we love. We believe that traveling can change people and that those changes are almost always positive. It’s a unique way to grow as a person and your time in college is… Read More

Twenty in Paris: Information is the Key to Study Abroad Success


One of the most important preparation stages in the study abroad process is research. Visa requirements, culinary differences, foreign language basics, and fun places to travel to are the top researched topics amongst students. Current news stories and student experience in the host country are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at how these 2 topics equate to study abroad success.
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Twenty in Paris: A Checklist for Your First Week Abroad


No trip would be complete without a checklist and studying abroad is no exception. Your first week abroad is a great time to cross many things off your study abroad check list before the start of classes. Let’s take a look at what you should have on your study abroad check list to be completed your first week abroad.

Find your closest Grocer and Laundromat

Locating the closest grocer (supermarket and/or market) and Laundromat will help to make the transition to daily living a little easier and quicker. Ask your host family and program director for local and city wide chains for both types of establishments. Then walk around your neighborhood and locate them. Go into one on your first day to become familiar with the layout and look of the place to help ease any nervousness about being in an unfamiliar location before actually using it. It’s a good idea to also put the names and addresses in your phone for reference. Read More

Twenty in Paris: Departure Day


For many students, the day they leave to go study abroad is fast approaching. As you prepare to celebrate the holiday, you should also be preparing for this amazing journey which lies ahead of you. Let’s take a look at what to expect the day you leave for studying abroad.
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Twenty in Paris: My First Day in Paris


My first impression of Paris started about forty minutes after leaving the airport with my distant cousin who picked me up. Brownish buildings with blue roofs and window flower boxes started to appear in large numbers. The volume of cars increased ten-fold as did the number of people. Store signs with words like épicerie and boulangeriewere popping up everywhere. Many sharp turns later, a large statue with a gold warrior on top appeared in the middle of the square. Speeding past, I saw the words la Bastille engraved on the statue. Next thing I know, the car crossed a bridge over a murky brown river. As we crossed this bridge, I saw a looming church to my left pass by us quicker than we approached it- Notre Dame. Then on my right, I saw a building so immense and long that it appeared to go on forever. Before we turned away from this building, I noticed that at the top center was a gold statue of a man riding a horse. I learned the next day it was Napoleon Bonaparte. That building was the Louvre. Next thing I knew, we were going down a small, little street when my cousin suddenly pulled over to the right hand side of the road and parked the car. I was officially in the heart of Paris, France, the place that I would be calling home for the next ten months. Read More

Cambodia is my #happyplace

After the demise of the Khmer Empire in the 1400s and the fall of Angkor, Cambodia has not had great luck or prosperity. However, the beautiful and elaborate temples and palaces of years past have survived, much to the delight of travels around the world. Nature has slowly retaken sites like Angkor Wat, seamlessly blending… Read More