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Study Abroad Checklist

Are you the type of person that A. over packs B. has no clue what to pack or C. waits till the last minute to pack? If you relate with any of the options above then this Study Abroad Checklist was made for you.

Venturing off to a new country is an exciting time and the weeks leading up to your departure can be filled with family functions and last minute goodbyes, which leaves no time to think through what to bring. So, we made this list to help you breeze through the stressful packing phase.

What to pack

*Pack what you are comfortable in, if you don’t wear it at home you won’t wear it abroad!

What not to pack

How to pack

First thing first, check with your airline on carrier restrictions i.e. how many bags are allowed and what’s the maximum weight?


See, packing doesn’t have to be a pain. Happy travels!!