Spain - Madrid TouristPicking up your life for an extended stay abroad can be scary and, at times, traveling can feel extremely lonely. Once you fight your way through the bouts of homesickness and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) of friends’ shenanigans at home, studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Whether it’s a master’s program in London or a summer class in Buenos Aires, here are five reasons why you should definitely take the leap to study abroad:

  1. Friends
    I’ve found that the most valuable part of studying abroad is meeting new people. You will meet the locals and other international students, creating lasting friendships that will endure a lifetime. A semester in Prague could lead you to meet your future wife for all you know! But in all seriousness, I have friends around the world that I would happily call family due to pure shared experience abroad.
  2. Academics
    Experiencing the diversity the world has to offer will open your eyes to a new frontier of education. So much can be learned out of the classroom that will inspire your thirst for history, art, food, music and culture in general. Take advantage of your time to explore the academic opportunities and who knows, you might discover your new passion!
  3. Language
    As an international student, you will come into contact with many cultures, languages and people. If you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, this is your chance! Even a semester in the UK or Australia will allow you to interact with students from all over the world. Exposure to foreign languages will let you truly experience the culture and connect with locals. Being immersed in a culture is the best way to learn a new language!
  4. Career
    Getting exposed to a world of academic possibilities will help you discover what you enjoy doing. With your better sense of self and new language skills, finding a job will be a piece of cake. In an increasingly global world, employers are eager for international experience and your time abroad will give you a leg-up. Not only that, but you will be seen as driven, independent and capable of handling a range of situations; overall a well-rounded candidate.  Check out another article, “The Price of a Good Resume“.
  5. You!
    You can learn a lot about yourself when dealing with the wide range of study abroad situations. Studies have been done on the benefits of studying abroad, including an increased maturity, tolerance and self-confidence. More can be learned in your four month away from home than in the rest of your life. You will become more independent, motivated, passionate and better equipped to address important life problems! So give studying abroad a chance, it might be your time to break out of your shell!

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