Bucket List for Graduating Seniors

If you are reading this, you are probably a college senior. Congratulations on making it thus far! These four years at college really do fly by and now you may have mixed feelings about this period in your life: you might feel nostalgic and reminiscent of your good-old college days and memories and wish to stay longer. On the other hand, you might be itching to get the heck out of there and move on and open the next chapter. Whatever your sentiments are, here are a few suggestions on what you should do before walking across the podium and picking up your college degree: Read More

College Relationships: Some Basic “Dos” and “Don’ts”

​Finally! You’ve moved on from petty high school dating into the more mature, more free world of college relationships. Many people even find their spouses in college!

But whoa, step on the brakes. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Relationships are more than what you see in childhood fairytales, especially at this point in your life. Now that you’re out on your own (for the most part) and can make your own decisions, making the right choices in your romantic relationships can spell success and happiness for the both of you. Read More

How to Stay in Touch with College Friends over the Summer

Finals are done, your belongings are packed, and you’re about to return home for the summer. You’re excited to see your family, hang out with friends from high school, and maybe even start a summer internship. There’s just one problem: how are you going to stay in touch with your college friends over the summer? For many college students, this is a difficult question to answer.

Without time spent bonding over library study sessions, late night Chinese takeout, and going out on the weekends, will you be able to stay close? Of course, one could say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But spending 3-4 months barely communicating with your college friends is going to make returning to school in the fall less comfortable than it should be. Not to worry, follow these tips to maintain the close friendships you’ve spent all year building! Read More

How to Find Alone Time in College

Your roommate is awesome, you’re hooking up with a cutie on the next floor, and your R.A. is pretty much your new big brother. And, you get to see them all the time! So what’s the problem? You get to see them all the time…and I mean, all the time.

Everyone needs some space to stay sane. Here’s how to get yours. Read More

Ultimate Spring Playlist

Now that spring time has finally sprung, it is time for me to reload my iPod with some pump-up jams that put me in good mood. Whether I grab my iPod to hit the gym and get in shape for the summer, blast my favorite songs on long drives, or relax on my college campus’s green space, certain songs have a way to make all those days even better. Here is a preview of my ultimate spring playlist for this gorgeous spring weather! Read More

Moving off campus: What you need to know

Daunting yet exciting, that’s how I felt about making the transition from dorm to off-campus life. Yes, the cliche is true, with more freedom comes more responsibility. With greater space comes utility bills, with your kitchen and fridge comes shared chores, and with that sweet living room comes negotiating parties with your landlord. Read More

A College Student’s Guide to Keeping in Touch with Friends

My first week of college, I was on the phone with my high school BFFs nightly. I would leave the dorm and sit in the grass, talking to them for hours. I was totally intimidated by the whole making-new-friends thing and I just wasn’t ready to let go. Week three, and I was barely sending them a text! So, how to balance moving on with keeping in touch?
Read More

Five Tips on Taking Better Class Notes

Lectures can be a drag. Even interesting and thought-provoking topics become dull after two hours of listening to someone talk about them. It’s easy to let your mind wander and miss important information. However, taking good notes can be an effective solution for this problem. Here are some tips:
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An 8-Step Guide to Library Etiquette for Students

On most college campuses, the library is the BEST place to get work done. Some people say that they don’t go to the library because they are distracted by friends, but I think there are many more reasons. Here are some tips to proper etiquette while studying and getting work done in libraries. I hope these tips can help you and your studious peers to have non-distracting library study sessions.
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