My first week of college, I was on the phone with my high school BFFs nightly. I would leave the dorm and sit in the grass, talking to them for hours. I was totally intimidated by the whole making-new-friends thing and I just wasn’t ready to let go. Week three, and I was barely sending them a text! So, how to balance moving on with keeping in touch?

Problem: Temptation to run to your old buddies with problems or successes
Solution: When something awesome (or awful!) happens, pause before you pick up the phone to start texting or calling your old buddies. Bonding with your new hall-mates or classmates begins by reaching out with things like this. Take a risk–chances are they are in the same boat.

Problem: You’ve made a ton of awesome new friends–but Facebook tells you that you have NO clue what’s going on in your home-friends lives.
Solution: Make an allotted time to engage with them. Don’t just stalk your old BFFs cute Facebook photos, leave a a comment or send a text telling her you hope she’s doing well. Set up weekly Skype or FaceTime dates.

Problem: One or more of your high school friends can’t seem to let go.
Solution: Inevitably, college is a time where you are going to grow apart with some friends. Seeing a college health counselor can be a great way to deal with this, because leaving some friends behind is often an important way to grow. See this awesome article from The New York Times for more.

Problem: You’re tired of all the long-distance chatting and texting.
Solution: Old fashioned snail mail! Surprisingly, it’s not emails or texts from old pals I have on my walls…it’s postcards, sweet letters, or thoughtfully crafted envelopes that I hang on to. Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet card. Not so into the post office? has some sweet cards that serve as the next best thing.

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