1. Lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

Thousands of like-minded students from around the world are studying abroad every semester. The people you meet while abroad may be from the other side of the world, but are studying in the same place as you for a reason. You sharing an interest in learning a new culture and experiencing something different creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. Now you have an excuse to continue traveling –  you need to visit your new friends, right?iStock_000021731666Medium

2. A clearer understanding of what you enjoy.

You think you might know yourself – until you study abroad. A new perspective can really change a person. All the things you thought you liked will either go out the window or will be confirmed. Thought you enjoyed ice cream? Then you study abroad in Italy and you can no longer eat anything but homemade gelato. Thought you would hate staying in a hostel because that movie gave you nightmares? Then you take a weekend trip to Prague and have the best night of your life staying at the MadHouse.hostelling international chicago

3. Go from ramen noodles to five-star cooking skills.

Food has never tasted so good when it’s authentic. You can’t go to a city like Paris and eat Ramen noodles every day for lunch. Food is also one of the best ways to experience a culture. Soon you will be cooking coq au vin like Emeril Legasse and be the center of all parties upon your return – BAM.IMG_0329

4. Travel stories that can’t be matched.

Just like in American Pie, you will have a story for everything. Instead of saying “This one time, at band camp…”, every other story will start with “this one time, when I was studying abroad…” All of a sudden you can relate to every conversation you have or match every experience you hear about.long boat on island in Thailand

5. Wings that will set you free.

Being abroad is liberating. You are thousands of miles away from the comfort of home, the rules of “normal life” and everything you are use to. You have an instant independence that will stay with you even after your return.Spend a semester at sea and circumnavigate the world on a ship

6. A better sense of knowing you’re awesome.

It takes courage to travel abroad. You won’t realize this until you have had the experience and come back to share it with those who haven’t yet. You will be the envy of all your friends and, let’s face it, that’s awesome. a-night-under-the-stars-in-the-sahara-desert

7. That extra edge for your resume.

As companies become more globalized and interconnected, the demand for experience abroad continues to grow. Studying abroad gives you that edge on your resume to land a job growing on an international scale. Companies also recognize the qualities in a candidate who has experience abroad versus those who don’t from independence to multi-cultural understanding and more. This skills and characteristics are unmatched. metowe_araveli_cottage641

8. Trying new things won’t scare you anymore.

Studying abroad is like jumping into the deep end of a pool for the very first time. Or skydiving. Or anything that involves risk. It is scary and exhilarating all at the same time. And once you do it once, you are hooked and will want to keep having that feeling. Studying abroad is the same feeling. Once you do it, you will be as scared to try anything again.Surfer On Blue Ocean Wave


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